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Aug 19, 2005
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I expected a higher point total from the Cowboys. However, they gave up 24 points on turnovers. It’s a thing called momentum The turmoil currently reported in Dallas fairly well says this team without Dak is not competitive. I think they fell apart before our eyes. In fact Drake’s run was the result of the game being virtually out of reach before that play.

BTW since it was a night game so I didn’t really see the sun as a factor. As for the wrong shoulder theory, it wasn’t just that play. He seemed lost to me. He’s got to run better routes and get separation. On Kirk’s TD both he and Isabella were running deep routes. Murray correctly threw to Kirk as he had greater separation.

We clearly aren't seeing the same thing. One ball Murray completely overthrew Isabella, not on him.

The 'other shoulder' throw, Isabella was expecting the ball on the other shoulder. He tried to adjust and stumbled a bit which caused him to lose speed. This one is more on Isabella than Murray, but that ball was a bit overthrown too.

The third one, as I mentioned in another thread. Isabella ran a post route taking the deep safety to him, leaving Kirk wide open. Isabella had plenty of separation on that play, prior to the safety engaging and is getting plenty more on other plays as well. You could argue that is routes could use some work, and I would agree.

I know you were being facetious on the sun comment.