Vinyl Records Outsell CDs for the First Time Since 1986

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    Vinyl Records Outsell CDs for the First Time Since 1986

    As physical music sales wither under the power of streaming services, vinyl records are finally getting their revenge on the compact disc. The Recording Industry Association of America reports that vinyl outsold CDs this year—an achievement that hasn’t been met since 1986.

    Vinyl records account for 62% of physical music sales this year, towering over CDs and generating $232 million in the first half of 2020. But it isn’t just audiophiles buying wax—retail outlets like Walmart and Barnes and Noble now sell LPs alongside CDs, and touring musicians regularly sell vinyl records at merchandise tables. The average music fan might own a small stack of records, even if they don’t have a record player.
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    I usually download my music so I'm at a loss why vinyl records are making a come back.

    I'm guessing the music quality is better but I'm not sure why we are going backwards in technology.

    Maybe someone can explain.

    As a side note: I have a large selection of CDs that I value even if they don't get much play anymore.
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