This will Sound Impossible to Fantasy Players, but believe it or not

Discussion in 'Fantasy Sports' started by SissyBoyFloyd, Dec 27, 2017.

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    This has to be the worst start anyone has ever had in fantasy football:

    Besides starting 0-3 with what I thought was a championship team with David Johnson, I honest to God, by game 4 had lost every one of my 8 different starters to IR. That is every position drafted besides defense, even my On top of my original starters going down, I picked up both Watson and Fuller, and felt I was back in it for a couple games there before they both went down to.

    Now here is the true kicker: Did I give up? No, never give up, never surrender! I not only made the playoffs, but made it to the championship game before getting slaughtered by a 11-2 team. My team finished the regular season at 7-6, just barely making the playoffs. Wow, what a season.
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    Your team sounds a lot like mine...except I didn't make it to the playoffs :madarms:

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