This game will be a treatise of KK's offensive "genius".

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Feb 5, 2003
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San Antonio, Texas
I disagree that K1 isn't a top ten quarterback. He isn't a top ten passer, but he absolutely is a top 10 QB, if not top five.

QBs I would take over him, I can count on one hand when you factor how much he can improve as a passer.

Exactly, if you had to choose from ten starting QBs to presently start for your team with winning the game being the objective, K1 would make that list. Initially, I did not see the comp because Kyler was more pocket oriented to pass in his mindset while being crisp with his accuracy, but he really looks like Michel Vick right now. That's not a bad thing, and a young Vick would also have been considered a top ten QB... it's about his growth as a passer due to him running so much that people feel compelled to judge him