Things I Liked About Tune’s Game


ASFN Consultant and Senior Writer
Jan 7, 2003
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Orlando, FL
He is fundamentally sound. He sat up properly, displayed good balance and followed through on his throws the vast majority of the time.

He wasn’t plagued by happy feet. He only ran when the pocket started to mostly collapse. I’d like to see him learn pull up and throw when he’s clear of the rush.

He was willing to move off his primary target. He didn’t need to do that often as Denver’s coverage was worse than the Cards.

He seemed poised, hanging in the pocket when the pocket was even partially holding together.

He overthrew some passes, but shook it off and got right back on track. He seemed to mostly do this with secondary targets. He should relax with more experience.

His ball placement was mostly excellent. He hit several receivers in stride, especially on crossing patterns where that’s critical. He often placed the ball where there was no interception danger. The TD was perfectly executed.

He wasn’t afraid to throw deep. Hopefully his deep accuracy will improve with coaching. He has the arm strength, even when he can’t fully setup. No tendency to throw off back foot.

I assume he didn’t call the plays, but on third down he consistently threw passed the line to gain. He never short armed or hesitated on the throw. He understood the objective.

He was smart enough when running to avoid getting hit. He seemed to know where the line to gain was but wasn’t reckless about getting there.