The Glow Up: teams that changed our expectations the most since last year | Zero Blitz

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May 8, 2002
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Jason Fitz and Frank Schwab join forces to recap the biggest NFL news from the weekend before diving into the teams that changed our expectations the most (in a good OR bad way) the most compared to last offseason. The duo start with the biggest news from the weekend, including the update to the Stefon Diggs trade that revealed the Houston Texans voided the final years of his contract. Fitz and Frank speculate on why before discussing the Carolina Panthers extending DT Derrick Brown and the explosion of the interior defensive line market. Things change quickly in the NFL, so Fitz and Frank decide to look at some teams who have changed our perception of them the most over the past year. The top risers include the Texans, Chicago Bears (and the NFC North as a whole) and Los Angeles Rams, while some teams that lost the benefit of the doubt include the Philadelphia Eagles, Jacksonville Jaguars, Cincinnati Bengals, Seattle Seahawks and Buffalo Bills. Fitz and Frank finish off the show with a dueling snake draft, as they compete to draft the best championship games of all time. Frank dominates.

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