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May 14, 2002
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As mentioned before I signed up for Sunday ticket the streaming service. I originally had "Sunday Ticket to go." I was experimenting last night and both on my Amazon Fire and my Roku there was an update to the app so I did the update. For the Amazon, it seemed to stay logged in, for the Roku it asks me to login, I do, and then nothing happens and it goes to a screen that shows a logo etc for Sunday ticket but has absolutely zero information. If I exit out, when I come back, I have to log in again.

I eventually went online to customer service and they said the service you have, to go, only allows you to be logged in on one device so if it's logged in with your Amazon fire, you can't login anywhere else without it logging you out. I questioned that since it didn't ever say it logged me out on Amazon. Eventually they convinced me to upgrade to Max, they confirmed that's the service I had 2 years ago. So i did that. And now surprise, exact same thing the only one that doesn't demand a login is the one on Amazon.

So I spent another 110 dollars and it appears I didn't need to?

My real question, is there any way to test in advance that you are actually logged in or do I basically have to wait until game day on Sunday and check before the 10am games start and make sure? since we're an early game I want to avoid finding out at 10am I can't actually log in and then being on with customer service missing the game.


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I'll be curious about the answer to this as well. I believe on my TV it did the same thing. No info just the Sunday Ticket start up screen but no way to navigate the screen.

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