Someone needs to Make a Play


Pawnee, Skidi Clan
Feb 1, 2012
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Mesa, AZ
How many times have we heard that expression coming from players, coaches, and announcers. Well, last Sunday someone did. And the Cards should have the video of that in the team meeting room for all to watch whenever someone says (or when someone finds it necessary) "Someone needs to make a play." Maybe make that our D's slogan and official video.

Hopefully that one play will put a light under our LB's rear ends and we will see better play from them.

1 more thing: For at least 1 game (or even a half), with no slight to KK intened, let's just have Kyler call his own plays and play exactly like the offense played the last few minutes of the Raider game. Just let him loose like they are playing in the playground. Wasn't that the old Vikings and Fran Tarkington way? I remember him running all over the backfield, like Kyler did on that 20 minute play, all the time. He was sure fun to watch, win or lose. Kyler in huddle: "OK guys, once again, SCRAMBLE on two."