Someone at Facebook has a sense of humor

Russ Smith

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May 14, 2002
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Earlier in the week some Princeton study was released predicting FB would lose 80% of its subscriber base between 15 and 17. They derived this by using models uses for viruses, and extrapolating using data obtained from researching MySpace. the folks who conducted this study, clearly Social Media experts, the Princeton Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering department!

Rather than try to debunk the clearly well thought out study, FB released a study of its own that showed by 2021 Princeton would have no more students and might have to be turned into a museum. Seems based on extensive study involving likes on FB, and using a model of a virus, Princeton's enrollment will cut in half in just a few years and be damn near zero by 2021.

FB did fall quite a bit this week but so did the overall market.