So what is your solution?


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Dec 7, 2014
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On offense it’s simple because we have a good amount of playmakers.

1. Run the ball in the first half. Establish downhill football and run play action off of it.

2. Keep the up tempo offense, but don’t make substitutions because it gives the D time to match and slow our pace of play.

3. More pre-snap motions to force you he D to show their hand. It will show who is rushing and shows what coverage the ad us in.

4. Stop running Moore motions into the backfield only to have him stand in the flat 5 yards behind the LOS. He’s a wasted player at that point because by the time Kyler turns and throws him the ball, the defense has already started collapsing on him to reduce any chance of getting a decent gain.

5. Run more plays with both Conner and Edmonds in the game. They are both good receivers and can run between the tackles. If we’re going to constantly run shotgun, we need a way to have the D respect a run to either side of the LOS.

6. Stop being Kute!!! @Chris_Sanders

Defensively not as simple, but we’ve shown success this season, so fixable.

1. Stop the run!!! We are 17th in rush defense, which isn’t terrible. However, we’re the 11th least ran against team, due to our big wins, and 27th in the NFL at yards per carry. Best solution IMO is to get Golden and/or CJ55 off the field on some early downs. Both are liabilities in the run game, from Golden missing tackles consistently in the backfield, to CJ having zero care and rushing upfield. We could switch to a more conventional 4-3 D with Fotu Phillips, or Lawrence on the inside, then bump Allen and dogbe to the ends. Have Hicks in the middle with Simmons at the weak side and Collins, walker, or Vallejo playing strong side. Also, since they insist on having Budda stay high, have JT34 blitz from his safety position as Budda has done in the past. He’s a baller and can do what Budda has been doing the last 4 years. Let him play in the box more.

2. Blitz! As I stated before, we’re not getting any pressure, so attack! And when we blitz, don’t drop Phillips in coverage. He couldn’t cover my dad across the middle, sorry @WisconsinCard, let alone a WR. We play a bend don’t break style, but why not try attacking between the twenties and if they get into the redzone, then tighten up. We’re gonna do it anyways playing our soft zone.

3. Lastly, play loose. Just play some football and attack the football and wrap up. Way too much thinking and not just playing the game. Since the GB game, we’ve missed so many tackles. At the beginning of the season they t was so awesome seeing our D flow and having 5,6,7 red jerseys hitting the ball carrier. Since JJ went down, it seems we’ve stopped. Need to get back to that.


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Apr 1, 2003
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You guys are foolish if you think running the ball behind this offensive line is the solution. Our interior line is the worse in the league without Hudson and not even above mediocre with Hudson. There’s been a few times where we have shined on the run game in certain scenarios, but this is not a ground and pound team.
This is what the casual fan says after watching a game on TV. There are some great analytic work done even on Twitter, that will show exactly what Shane is talking about. Our very own Kurt Warner has done some very good analysis on the epidemic of young QBs not understanding their reeds.

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