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Jan 7, 2003
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My focus here is not to cover all the risers and fallers unless I see them as part of the Cards’ greatest need. These games are not reflective of the prospect pool, which is very strong. The top players mostly don’t go. The Shrine game should do a better job of finding sleepers, especially from the HBCU group. They added little to the draft.

Two players jumped out and garnered most of the publicity. I like one, not the other. I like Trevor Penning. It will require patience because he does not play under control. He’ll get drive killing, unnecessary penalties. Still he has the raw skills and I don’t want to take away that nasty attitude. He still struggles with speed rushers, though it’s mostly about technique. Ones who are agile enough to fake outside and move inside are also tricky. I’m not sure if he’s athletic enough to move temporarily to the RT. He may be too big to move inside, as he could obstruct throwing lanes, especially for a short QB like Murray. I think this guy could be an asset but you’d have to be willing to wait a year and move on from Humphries, who’s sound if not flashy.

On the surface Perrion Winfrey would fit a major need. If I was confident he would develop into the player he exhibited at the Senior Bowl. That player would be very helpful. My concern is why didn’t we see this player consistently during the season. He’ll tell you in interviews he’ll be newly motivated. I see a player who may be too easily satisfied with a lesser performance once he gets the big money. Like Phillips, he’ll be most motivated in the final year of a contract. I would not spend a first round pick and that’s what it would take. Think Nkemdiche, but less off the field issues.

So who poped into view that may be of interest. Brit and I made a DL free agent suggestion that now appears too pricey. Travis Jones really flashed and if he lasted until the Cards’ round 2 pick, I’d consider him. He can anchor against the run and collapse the pocket. He’s got a solid motor and a low bust factor. He’d be a sound choice.

If Jones is gone Devonte Wyatt is a better athlete and can provide most of the same skill set. He’s not quite as powerful an anchor, but he’d get the job done most of the time. He’d provide more TOFLs and QB inside pressures. I’d be okay with him in round 2 but he’ll likely be gone.

Zion Johnson would be a first round consideration if the Cards traded Murray. I just don’t think he’d fix a Murray led offense and I want Penning. However, Johnson provides steady guard play. He could also be Hudson’s successor at center. He’s sound at all aspects of both positions. He would develop nicely as a long term leader.

The Cards will have multiple needs at all WR spots. I expect them to draft multiple WRs. A few names that jumped out would be round 3 consideration. They were others on my previous WR post but these are sleepers who rose up at the Senior Bowl.

Christian Watson and Velus Jones would fill various WR roles depending on the first 2 picks. These guys all have good upside with Watson having the most immediate impact. He likely goes in the second, but this draft will see surprise sliders. He’s big and will likely be a red zone threat. He runs polished routes. His college performance was hidden by coming from a run focused offense.

Velus Jones is all about speed. He may blow up after the Combine. He also has the moves to go with that speed. He showed surprisingly good body control and should have no problem adjusting to the two foot rule. He uses that same agility to ward off defenders like a basketball rebounder.

Rachaad White is a name that may come into play if the Cards lose both RBs to FA. I don’t want to scare you but he reminds me a little of Johnson. He can move to a WR spot on third downs on 4 receiver formations. He runs polished routes. He has exceptional hands. White can also stay at RB. He’s agile, has quick feet, patience and good vision. He has polished moves though needs work on screens and sweeps. He doesn’t show enough power in short yardage situations. Likely round 3 or lower. He also needs work on passer protection.

Dameon Pierce is likely gone by round 3 but this is a wild draft so who know. He got added late to the roster so scouts didn’t have him highly rated. The FL offense was a joke and got the coach fired. He’s a do it all back who likely goes round 2 but the Cards have too many issues to take him there.


Jan 10, 2020
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I think it's a bit harsh on Winfrey's tape. He was asked to play a lot of 0 tech and was double teamed alot. He could show more as a 3T at the senior bowl.

But i think it's mute as he's not worth #23 and will be gone by #55.


Jan 28, 2015
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Zion Johnson would be a first round consideration if the Cards traded Murray. I just don’t think he’d fix a Murray led offense and I want Penning
This is odd. I feel like Zion & Penning should be flip-flopped here.

Also, no thanks on Penning. Guy can’t move in space & his hands are just all over the place. I don’t care about the “nastiness” he displays(aka, just throwing guys into ground after the whistle was already blown), more so being a jackass than tough.