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This is a PG-13 board. As a result, the following Cardinal Rules are in effect immediately:

1) Be respectful of the other members. Racism, bigotry, & sexism will not be tolerated. We do allow frank discussion with the other members, and like to have a laugh, but some things are not appropriate. Repeatedly flaming, insulting, and attempting to cause fights with other members will not be allowed and can result in a ban. Please be respectful to the board, both to the members and moderators. We are all here to discuss and find the most up-to-date info on the Cards, other Arizona teams, and life in general. If you have a problem with another board member, please PM a moderator about it.

The following activities will not be tolerated:

- Aggression or annoyance towards any member whether in forums or private messages. Debate the idea, don't attack the poster. Calling out others for not being fans will earn you a short rest.

- Spamming, proselytizing, or intimidation.

- Name calling. If you cannot make a point without name calling, do not make it.

Repeated warnings of any of violations of any of these rules can result in a ban. Please use the "Report this Post to a Moderator" function if you see anyone violating these rules, or find an offensive post.

2) Moderators' decisions are final. Our moderators are all unpaid volunteers who are looking out for the best interests of our members. We want to help each and every member get the best experience possible on our board, but there will always be individuals who choose to break the rules and be banned. Moderators' decisions are final. THERE IS NO PUBLIC DISCUSSION ON THIS.

If you have a problem with a decision a moderator makes, please PM (private message) them and discuss with them the issue. We will be glad to discuss it with you there, but posting or starting threads about it is not allowed. These posts / threads will be closed or deleted.

Not only are moderators’ decisions final but so are their opinions as to what is offensive, inflammatory, a personal attack, profanity, or just plain poor taste. Although we will make every effort to look into issues; we will not attempt to research a conflict beyond what we have seen. Otherwise you get into a circular round of "but did you go back and look at what he said to me last week".

Those folks who are unlucky enough to get a temporary ban should take their temporary ban like a man / woman and move on.

Also the moderators will attempt to keep all objectionable messages off this forum. However, it is impossible for us to review all the posts. All posts express the views of the author, and the owners / moderators of ASFN will NOT be held responsible for the content of any message.

The moderators have the right to remove, edit, move, or close any thread for any reason and will use this right at their discretion.

Members with duplicate or inactive accounts will be banned or removed, at the moderator's discretion, without prior notice.

3) Other Items. This site has a strong and diverse community spirit. We are a serious forum for Cardinal Football and other Arizona Sports. Our purpose is to develop a community spirit around these teams.

A. All members must abide by the community's standards and practices. Please refer back to this document before your first post, it doesn't take long and it may prevent your membership being short lived.

B. Cussing is not allowed. Likewise using characters and symbols to substitute letters to use as cuss words is not allowed. Misspelling cuss words is not allowed. Posting the first letter of a cuss word and symbols is not allowed. The moderators have the discretion to determine what is a cuss word and what is not.

C. Political or religious commentary, jokes, comparisons are not allowed outside of the P&R board. The moderators have the discretion to determine what is a political comment. THIS INCLUDES SIGNATURES, AVATARS, AND USER TITLES.

Avatars and attachments are viewable by members and non-members alike so they may not contain nudity, violence, or any objectionable imagery. THIS INCLUDES SIGNATURES, AVATARS, AND USER TITLES.

The Homepage field in the User Profile (Edit Profile) may contain links to your/others' websites as long as they are not links to pornography, gambling, or other sites moderators may feel are inappropriate for ASFN.

F. Members are free to post links to or reviews of commercial sites other than those they are affiliated with, subject to review by ASFN moderators. However, make sure to give credit where credit is due. HOWEVER, do not post copyrighted information. Post the link and a few sentences in the article. The reader can click on the link to read the remainder of the article. It appears there are now people hired by newspapers hunting for such things with the intent to sue.

G. Tags are a useful feature, please use them with your threads. But creating offensive or otherwise inappropriate tags will result in warnings, bans, and depending on the severity possible permanent bans. If you have questions on the definitions of offensive or inappropriate, refer to section 2) of this note.

H. Do not post fake headlines, it will get you a timeout. Nobody thinks it is funny except you. All they do is piss people off. Right now it is 2 days, but it may be 7 per moderator discretion. Wishing/hoping death on a player or posting misleading leads that a player has passed away is against the spirit of the site and will result in a banning.

If you see anything that you think violates these guidelines, use the "Report" button on the post and it will be sent for review.

Consider being an ASFN Contributor with the following perks:

1. An ADS-FREE ASFN and as a result - lighter and faster too!
2. The ASFN Contributor Badge shining above your avatar.
3. Virtually Unlimited PM storage capacity (1,000)

PM an Admin if you have any questions.

Thank you.
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