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Feb 1, 2012
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Mesa, AZ
Why do we keep hoping and trying to build a team with such poor groups of young players? Take our WR corp for example. How many young WRs have we had on our team the last 3-5 years that just never produced, improved, or learned/fit into the system? Now look at the list of experienced quality WRs that were waiting to find a team as this season neared. Experienced pro players who can produce right away, don't drop the ball, and run good proper routes. And don't cost that much money compared to how much we waste on useless signees and draft picks.

It just seems to me that we would win a lot more games with guys like Julio Jones, Landry, C Patterson, Beasley, Fuller, JuJu, Beckham, Chark, Crowder, Watkins, Sanders, McKenzie, Amendola, Tre’Quan Smith, Adam Humphries, just to name a few. All these guys can still play better than our bunch.

This was just a list of WRs. One could make a similar list in other positions probably, especially LBs. I know it isn't as easy as it sounds. But there has to be a smarter way than we always limit ourselves to.

Right or Wrong, that is my thought of the day.

By the way, I thought the overall we gave a decent showing today. We fell behind like usual, but fought to stay in the game. I just wish some of our guys had the talent equal to their spirit of never giving up and fighting to the end. They seem to be trying to overcome just too much, like being over matched in some areas, along with our questionable coaching in all facets of the game.

I guess I too am getting tired of letting a young inexperienced "kid" play "coach" with our team. He has had his fun, now send him out to play in the park with the other kids. Let's hire an experienced pro next time, IF we can find one who would want to coach for us with Keim here running the draft. We need a GM/Coach who has a great track record. (Like he would want to come to AZ!)
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