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Anthony Mackie Closes Deal To Star In Disney/Marvel’s ‘Captain America 4’ Film

Anthony Mackie has closed a deal to carry the shield and his first superhero picture in Captain America 4, sources said.

Kevin Feige’s Marvel Studios keeps its details well under wraps and it isn’t clear whether the movie will involve Sebastian Stan, who starred with Mackie in the well-received Marvel Studios Disney+ limited series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

The unofficial title indicates this is Mackie’s vehicle, and it’s an exceptional career moment for the Juilliard-educated actor who has been a bright spot in every film he’s appeared in. That includes the Best Picture winner The Hurt Locker, 8 Mile and The Banker, to his turns as Falcon, the wingman of Captain America, who was handpicked by that superhero to succeed him. The series involved his conflict in taking on the superhero persona. Mackie played Falcon in six Marvel films beginning with
Captain America: The Winter Soldier.