Matt Araiza (Drafted by Bills) Is Now An Accused Rapist

Matt Araiza Drafted by Bills Now Accused Rapist

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Jan 13, 2003
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Avondale, AZ
He's a punter. A punter. Plenty of punters around, no need to even consider someone with this baggage.

8 pages on a punter. Crazy.

Russ Smith

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May 14, 2002
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Sorry for the long post but here is my experience on a similar situation:

My daughters friend was raped her Freshman year of HS by her “boyfriend”. She was 15 and scared so she didn’t come forward right away. A few months later she discovered that another girl had recently alleged that same boy raped her as well. As the word started to spread, 2 other girls came forward with similar stories about the same boy. My daughters friend decided that the right thing to do was to come forward in hopes that this wouldn’t happen to any other girls. She spoke to her school councilor, the school’s crisis councilor, as well as the on school Officer. An official report was filed.

During the investigation one of the girls dropped out of school and moved out of the state for a fresh start. She wanted to put everything behind her and didn’t want to make an official report. Another one of the girls gave her report but chose to remain anonymous. The third girl got scared when it was her turn to be interviewed and didn’t show up. My daughters friend was the only one willing to testify. Because of all this the county attorney, against the recommendation of the investigating officer, decided not to press charges because he was worried about being able prove “all the elements of the crime beyond a reasonable doubt”.

Im sure stories like this are a dime a dozen. Just because the county attorney doesn’t prosecute it doesn’t mean that the person isn’t guilty as hell.

I grew up playing sports against a guy who was convicted in his 30's for having sex with minors, turns out there'd been several of them apparently started when he was 25 and the victim was 14.

ONe of my nieces(not the one I mentioend earlier) changed schools because she reported a teacher having a relationship with a student and got flack at school over it.

There's a reason girls often don't tell when this sort of thing happens.