Listened to the Graves interview

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May 14, 2002
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First off,thanks for making that available.Secondly,is Graves not the most boring speaker you have heard?He makes Tobin sound like Dick Vitale on a caffeine high.I'm going to transfer that to a tape and listen to it when i can't get to sleep at night.How could he possibly get anyone excited about coming to the Cards?Maybe it's me and i like more emotional guys,like Ferguson.The part that irked me the most was the comments about the 48 hours after the visit.That just shows lack of preparation.That can all be done before you even invite a player,In fact,it should be done so you're not wasting your time with a player who doesn't"check out".Also,i now this has been re-hashed many times in other threads.But if Boston is so bad,why did they offer a 7 million a year.And i noticed that Graves,the savior,didn't respond when Lewis,i think it was him,asked about using the franchise tag.