Keim's draft success


Mar 14, 2019
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Even Keim should hear what you had to say, I think it would be very sobering for him (no pun intended)


Jul 10, 2003
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Draft Picks on the Roster:

1- David Johnson
2- Josh Rosen
3- Chase Edmonds
4- Christian Kirk
5- Mason Cole
6- Korey Cunningham
7- DJ Humphries
8- Robert Nkimdiche
9- Haason Reddick
10- Budda Baker
11- Rudy Ford
12- TJ Logan
13- Chad Williams
14- Will Holden
15- Brandon Williams

I am not sure that draft picks on the roster implies below average drafting. We also have lost players to FA or would not re-sign them.


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Feb 17, 2007
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Are we talking about drafted players or not ? If they are undrafted, then they are ..... not drafted. The draft is 7 rounds, if they are not picked in the seven rounds, then they are free agents, cut that any way you want it still is salami.

I don’t know. You tell me. My focus in the analysis was on first- and second rounders. However, arguing that rookie free agents are not included in determine draft success is only relevant in terms of making an argument fit a purpose. No, they are not picked in the seven rounds shown on TV, but they are draft prospects, they are rookies, and they are picked. It’s not like they are randomly put together in a group to join the Cardinals. They are in fact selected with the main responsibility for those selections falling on the general manager.

If they are undrafted, then they are ..... not drafted. The draft is 7 rounds, if they are not picked in the seven rounds, then they are free agents, cut that any way you want it still is salami.

Some call them priority free agents instead because they are, in fact, prioritized.

I do agree the value set to said players is subjective. I am not sold on Budda Baker, or Christian Kirk. Both are undersized and both have shown SOME potential. Solid players are great and all, but that is not getting you very far. This team was 3-13, and an abysmal 3-13 at that, last year. There is a reason for it, and that starts with some pretty poor drafting, especially in the 1st round.

Maybe it’s because of drafting. I would argue that coaching matters as well. The three years prior the Cards were 13-3, 8-8 and 7-8-1, in large part with the same players picked by the same general manager. Now, you would probably argue that said coach was hired by Keim, but you and I both know that Mr. Bidwill was highly involved in the process – if not the deciding factor.

He has made bad picks and keeps making the SAME MISTAKES, year after year. This year's draft, I have zero faith in what he will do. It will be the standard 1st round bust, 2nd round solid player, two small school player picks, and a bunch of players at the end of the draft that do not make the roster.

Won't draft a linebacker that actually plays linebacker, won't pick a big bodied cornerback to play press coverage, and won't pick a player that has the size to play in the NFL, adding to the continuation of weak offensive linemen, and constantly hurt players (see your comment about players not being on the roster because of injury).

The Cardinals identity over the last few years can be defined with one word, HYPE. Kiem some how has this hype that follows him that he doesn't back up.

Again, the results speak for themselves. How he is even considered average, is beyond my reasoning ? Was last year being arrested, and having one of the worst professional sports teams I have ever seen or heard of ....... average ?

It’s fine to disagree. I don’t think his drunk driving has much to do with his professional job as a general manager, but it is what it is. Personally, I think he should have been fired immediately after driving drunk, but again, I don’t know what it has to do with his ability to acquire players.

Again, it’s fine to think Keim is bad, and that he will do bad this offseason, but as the analysis shows, he is indeed average compared to the NFL standards in selecting in the two first rounds in terms of those players getting playing time.


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Apr 25, 2003
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Wait though.. the so called core players that we now have has given us the worst record in the league? Lets say the Patriots get less core players in the draft than us, does that make Keim a better drafting GM? He should make this new draft much easier to keep players and make the core with our cupboard being so bare to start off with..


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Aug 25, 2017
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I’ll leave this here...


Especially funny is the stadium reaction