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    Lots of thoughts and opinions on keim over the past two years. For the sake of football discussion I will not mention his DUI.

    So. I think keim will be the Cards GM next year. Although the team doesn’t appear to make a big leap in the win column they have improved in many areas while changing direction and being cap strapped.

    I know, I know, he is the reason we were in cap hell. Of all the player signings Bradford was by far the WORST ever. He should have never received a two year deal and then to add Glennon made it even worse. And I’d have to think going into the draft that they were looking at qb’s in the draft.

    Our drafts have been terrible. This years group seems to be a much better. It appears most will be here and will improve with time.

    Okay. That is over. One of the best years in free agency we had was when Keim signed two top linemen for the left side of our line. Both played at a high level and solidified our o-line.

    So looking at 2020 we’ll have a coach and a qb with a year of experience under their belt. The shortcomings on our roster are much clearer now that we have the biggest piece of the puzzle in place( qb). This team cap wise is now in a position to fill major needs with players that are not bargain basement signings or one year prove it deals.

    Because of the strides we’ve made this year I believe Bidwill will give Keim the opportunity to finish what has been started this year. It may very well be his last opportunity.

    We can do some big things in 2020 with the right moves. Keim needs to nail free agency and take the BPA on draft day.

    i am not advocating nor condemning the idea of retaining Steve Keim. I’m merely posting what and why I think he will be our GM in 2020.
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    Right now my money is on Keim being back but I predicted that with a loss vs Tampa I see the rest of the season going south. We’ve been in games by scoring points vs bad defenses (we’ve faced 6 of the bottom 10 defenses in PPG allowed already).

    @SF and @SEA you’d think are L’s
    PIT’s defense since the Fitzpatrick trade has been near elite
    Rams have far more talent and who knows which Cleveland team we get

    If it’s an ugly finishing stretch I don’t think MB hesitates to make a move. As rare as it is that a new GM is brought in with a coach in place I think Kyler/Kliff have shown enough that a GM would be excited for the partnership.

    So to me it’s a win-win. If we flame out hard Keim is gone and our picks are higher. If we surprise down he stretch we go into the offseason with a ton of optimism and a HC/QB in stone.
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    slanidrac, you must be a lawyer. You tell us that you won't mention his DUI, as you go ahead and mention his DUI. Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, please disregard that last statement. :)
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    If and when Keim is fired, what NFL franchise would knock on his door?
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    Please strike the last comment.
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    He's been at every level of an NFL team...don't think for a second he'll be out of the league. He'll have job offers within 2 minutes of the press release.

    Has he made his fair share of mistakes YEP
    the question is: as he moves forward does he learn from them

    He failed on the Badger contract
    He failed on the DJ contract
    He failed by paying $11 million to Larry who is nowhere near worth that value on the field
    He failed by paying injured FA's thinking their word of 'I'll be fine' was worth anything...he was being fleeced.
    He failed by trying to put undersized safeties at the LB positions
    He failed at every 1st round pick
    He failed at signing Steve Wilks to be the coach
    He's failed at getting a single TE
    He's failed at the entire O line
    He's failed at the entire D line

    He has done a few good things
    Initial drafting of DJ (again I don't agree with his huge deal he got when he had more time on his rook deal)
    Initial drafting of Badger (dang good)
    Dropping Josh Rosen for Murray - hard decision so extra points for making it
    Getting Jordan Hicks
    Early days of getting Palmer and Iupati from the Raiders for nothing
    Byron Murphy in the 2nd was a smart grab
    Isabella in the 2nd
    and I'm sure there are many more

    So I'm not on the drop the guy yet...
    I think the DUI affected him a ton and he was NOT thinking correct for awhile...and when I say awhile I mean probably a full year where he was off. I think he's back to his right least I believe he is

    So for now my vote is to keep him
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    Many of us wanted Keim home last year including me. But since he have a new regime and a new coach, he is here to stay. A quality gm doesn’t want to come in to this situation with a new hc and a new qb just attained last year. He would want to implement his own stamp and philosophy and not ride on Keim’s players/coaches as someone on here has so eloquently said. We already fired one regime in one year and ate their salaries so it’s impossible to do the same this year. Maybe Adrin Wilson will have more input in this draft.
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    One of the most hilarious parts of our judicial system.. lol.
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    Wilks, McCoy, Bradford and Rosen to go along with the bottom 5 drafting would be enough to get most GM’s fired that haven’t won a Lombardi. I can’t see him getting fired after this season even if they lose the remaining games.
    He should have a .500 or better ultimatum going into next season to keep his job.
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    I think Keim has run his course and should be fired after this season, but I can see why Bidwill won't

    The narrative in Cardinals land is that he built a good team that got old and needed to be rebuilt and he brought in Murray and Kingsbury and the team is now on the right track.

    I think the team IS on the right track with Murray and Kingsbury, but I don't think Keim has done and overall good enough job to keep his job. I'd feel better with a new GM who was committed to KK and K1.

    My biggest issue more than anything else has been Keim's inability to build a good offensive line and his penchant for letting productive veterans go. Even guys like Darren Fells, who is a career average NFL player shouldn't have been allowed to go. It's just maddening to see how many times Keim let a decent guy go to replace him with an older player or a younger player who was much worse. A bird in hand, Keim! Don't let good veterans go unless you have someone who legitimately beat him out.
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    Keim will keep his job. I don't believe that is what is best for the organization but he will be back. World have canned him when the cuffs clicked on his wrists.
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    I don't see Michael firing him after Keim seemingly being a major piece in getting Kingsbury and Murray together, so early in the transition. I am not advocating for keeping him, but I think the relationship between the incoming young coach and front office will be preserved for consistency
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    Keim built one of the most talented rosters in the Nfl a couple years ago.
    Let’s not forget that.
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    Player failures or system mismatches aren't all on Keim. Bradford was a solid QB with an injury history. Glennon is a former starter who is a high quality backup.
    Most people raved about the aggressive move up to take Rosen at the time.
    As a GM or player or coach, you can't predict injuries. It just happens. You can't sit back and make no moves in fear of someone possibly getting hurt someday
    (i.e. Badger, DJ, Iupati, ) or guys getting in trouble with the law.

    This team will be a far sight better in the next year or two if we beef up OL and DL with urgency. And thankfully, not even the OL too much.
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