Keim Flushing Away Draft Capital


Hold onto the ball, Murray!
Dec 30, 2002
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Pittsburgh, PA--Enemy territory!
It's been criminal how Keim has flushed away draft capital for this team. Just unreal. With Robbie Anderson's brief appearance, as well as Mullins and his penalty, I looked it up. He's wasted plenty previously, but he used to be good at trades. This year? It has been awful:

1st Rounder for Brown and a 3rd rounder. Hindsight is 20/20, and I was on record at the time as liking the trade. Sanders has been okay and shown flashes. Brown was good early, got hurt, is choking now, and is only under contract one more year. We could've had Linderbaum on a full rookie contract. Considering our OL problems, we really, really should have filled the WR hole another way.

Now it gets ugly. REALLY ugly.

A 5th rounder for Ford
A 6th or 7th rounder (conditional, so it'll be a 7th) for Trayvon Mullen
Future 6th and 7th round picks for Robbie Anderson.

OOF. Now, Keim defenders might say these are mostly low-round picks, and, hey, we got a 3rd/Sanders back with Hollywood, at least. What I would say is look at the talent evaluation part of this problem. Ford, Mullen, and Anderson. We traded away four picks for absolute garbage. We actively helped the Panthers get better and paid them to do it. Da Raidahs thank us for giving them anything for Mullen. Buffalo is laughing and grateful for an extra 5th rounder for a nothing burger at OG.

Brutal, man. Just brutal. Keim used to win trades. Now he gets taken to the cleaners.


Sep 24, 2002
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Fort Myers
If Keim survives this season then I will finally be convinced that Bidwill does not care about winning, up until now I just thought he just didn’t know how to build a winning organization but if he keeps Keim around it shows he just doesn’t care, at all.

Loyalty is one thing but you have to know when to move on.


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Aug 29, 2013
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These were forced trades because he had to plug holes after he sat on his ass this offseason and did next to nothing to address the problems on the roster.