It Makes No Sense, Whatsoever.


Pawnee, Skidi Clan
Feb 1, 2012
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Take farting for example. It is simply a very efficient way the body gets rid of unneeded air or gasses that accumulate constantly in your body. It is totally natural and necessary, and completely unharmful. Even the sound, being silly as it is, is in no way obnoxious or repulsive. Farting is not so much different than sweating, coughing, or sneezing.

So, why do people get offended by one farting. It makes no sense at all. Maybe funny in a childlike way, but not in any way offensive. Sure it has its own unique smell, so to speak, but so does most things in nature, even our bodies in general. You might not like or prefer the smell, but so what. It is just a smell. Just a fart, which happens every moment somewhere by you or someone else.

If anything, we should congratulate people when they fart, knowing that it must be a huge relief making them feel much better. I think we should start a movement to take the negative thoughts and feelings out of this natural necessary daily experience. I even propose we have a national annual Fart Day. I am tired of getting hard looks and having to excuse myself for such a regular thing in our daily lives.

We need a good name for this movement, along with some abbreviation/acronym. In fact, we should also come up with some great slogans for posters/signs to carry in our parades:

Have a Laugh - Fart
Fart - an example of God's sense of humor
If you aren't farting, you aren't living!
Nothing like starting each day with a prayer and a fart.