I give in. It’s kliff


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Jul 11, 2002
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I hoped. I gave the benefit of the doubt. But I give in.

Kingsbury is the problem. This is why I’ve come to this conclusion.
Our playbook is too thick and it appears he has this ego problem ( conscious or not) that he has to show his genius.

Perfect example. First quarter we are moving the ball. I believe it was 3rd and 3 and we choose a low pct throw to Mr. Dropsy(Kirk) instead of just getting the first down. He did the same thing against the Bears on the Hopkins Td. Only a miraculous catch made it “ok”. Kyler threw to the wrong guy. Yet after the game Kingsbury admitted Conner was The safe and correct guy to throw to yet supported Kyler’s decision. Wrong. Just wrong.

Kicking a fg on 3rd down to save time in case we recover an on side kick? Major stupid decision.

Coach Bro. Had enough of it. I’m sure the players love him. He appears to be worried not to piss his players off. After the 3rd illegal procedure on Jones he should of been benched. It’s called accountability.

Kicking a fg on 3rd down to save time IF we recover the onside kick? Absurd.

Continually fails to put the game on his players and try’s to bail them out with cute calls. It’s 3rd and 3 guys. We are going to run the ball for a first down… get it done.

Kyler has to share in the blame and I think he has to much reign to play with. Kingsbury is too impatient to stick with a plan that is working which doesn’t help. Kyler is not being utilized to his tempered ability. I see Stafford fake a handoff and roll to his right giving him all the time in the world to look downfield. Why not Kyler?

Uptempo, no huddle, sugar huddle, whatever you want to call it isn’t working. Our guys get as tired as their guys which I believe lead to pre-snap mistakes. Sorry to say I don’t think we have enough intellectual players to process the upcoming play. Getting in the huddle gives our guys a chance to catch a blow and process the next play called. Stupid thought?

We haven’t won a game in December in two years. Something has to change. Sorry , Kliffy. But I’m calling it the way I see it. So many times you say in a post game interviews “ I have to call better plays”. Well you’re right there and unless there is some miracle turn around your time may be up.


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Sep 3, 2008
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Gotta respect how creepy and cool the present moment really is in life and in sports. We could win next week or the following week, a little help from a few other games, get a 3-5 seed....and this is all forgotten. :)


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Nov 21, 2002
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Do we need another thread about this topic? Plenty of good threads to place this OP comment.
The 25 "Kliff Sucks" threads that discuss why Steve Kiem is the problem or the other 25 "Kliff Sucks" threads that blame Cristiano Ronaldo?

For me the play that symbolizes Kliffy Cards was the misdirection punt return, for three reasons:
1) Watch the sideline celebration. Players & Coaches were emotionally invested.
2) The risk/reward benefit of a cute punt return (that fooled almost everyone) was about 25 yards.
3) The risk/reward benefit of drills with your Long Snapper & backup holder is points.

Which one do you think Kliffy Cards spent more time practicing this week? (Hint: sideline party)
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Nov 5, 2002
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It’s obvious we have a problem at least once if not multiple times per game with bad snaps.

Why aren’t we neutralizing that by putting Murray under center.
Maybe because even with all the linemen down in their stances...Kyle can't see over them by being directly over center. Just a guess.


Nov 1, 2005
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Ughhhh rams just saved kliff mansion 1 more yr lets see how far murray kliff goes when all on line