How many times should you have Died in this life?


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Feb 1, 2012
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Looking back there are at least 5 times I could have and should have died in this life.
The first being win my not too bright older brother had me sit on top of his furniture stacked up high in the back of a pickup truck and took off on the Hollywood freeway with me laying on an unsecured mattress. I screamed needlessly for miles as the wind kept lifting the mattress high in the air with me on it going 65 or more mph.

The last being the first week of living in Australia, driving to a party at a beach town along a narrow cliff highway with no rails. After not drinking for years, and being coerced into drinking a couple of Aussie Fosters beer, I woke up the next day in my own bed back in the city with all my clothes on except for missing my shoes. How I ever drove home on that highway where they drive on the opposite side of the road is a miracle. I don't remember ever leaving the party or driving home. Did I run head on into an oncoming car, fly off the cliff, or run numerous other cars off the cliff? No way I made it home blacked out on my own on that highway along the cliffs on a winding road.

I am becoming more and more convinced of the many worlds interpretation, where there are many times in our existence when significent events in our life create different timelines in other worlds or universes. I am becoming more and more convinced of this as I remember all the times in my life when I could have, and even should have, died. The only rational explanation I can imagine is that I actually did die in that universe, while at the same time my life continues to play out in this universe. Each instance became the juncture where one world seemed to spawn another, the one I died in with all the subsequent consequences of that, and this world or universe where I continue to live.

The same thing applies to everyone in our life we have been close to. They have had the same occurrances which not only effected them, but all that knew them. The branching off of timelines and different scenarios would seem infinite of course, and possibly is. For one would have to be pretty egotistical to think the universe and its multitude of variables applies only to him. Even though we are alone in our individual perception of it all.

So, fear not my children, and refrain from weeping at death, as we continue to live on through many lives and universes, further growing, learning, and understanding the meaning of our life and all existence.
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Aug 22, 2003
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I have two Floyd. Came inches from running in front of a truck going 50MPH when I got off my bus to run across the street to a connecting bus. I never looked to see if cars were coming and thank goodness the truck whizzed past when it did. 2nd was an anaphylactic episode I had with Cashews. I'm deathly allergic and I was getting ready to perform comedy at my company's Christmas party, when I ate an egg roll that had cashew powder in it. Why it did is beyond me (I had been eating egg rolls my entire life without problems) but within seconds of swallowing the bite, my throat started itching. 40 minutes later, I'm in the back of an ambulance looking at the clock marking what time I will die. It was horrible. Thankfully, I'm here today.
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