Has Cam Johnson displaced Oubre?

Discussion in 'Phoenix Suns' started by JCSunsfan, Aug 7, 2020.

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    If Cam carries over and shows up at training camp with a few more lbs of muscle, like he did at the bubble it could be interesting.

    His D has improved a bit, he seems to be able to turn his hips to stay in front of opponents better than earlier in the year, his shot looks smoother and he started driving to the rim more with great results.

    The main thing about Cam is that he works his ass off to get better, I know they always say so and so is a hard worker but this kid really puts the work in and it shows.

    He may never start in the NBA but as a first/second off the bench we could do worse.
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    Figure him and Bridges have both shown they put in hard work. You can really see the improvement with both! Nice to have two young guys like this, And Booker, too!

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