Former Packers VP blasts NFL salary-cap myths


Hold onto the ball, Murray!
Dec 30, 2002
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Pittsburgh, PA--Enemy territory!
Actually, both of you guys are right but the Rams still rolled the dice because even if you have the talent things have to bounce in your direction and this is no basketball or baseball postseason were a lesser team has to upset more than once. The Rams won, but there are many teams which have gone all out and get close but no cigar. The Rams are paying now and they will probably be crappiliscous for a while, but they did get that Super Bowl victory, though their fans now will have to offer smack past talk while they endure the crap to come. It goes both ways, and both you And Quebec are right... scary huh lol
Of course there are no guarantees. If you don't take your shots, you likely won't win anything. If you do take your shots, it's no guarantee of winning anything. It's kind of like what I teach in my self-advocacy group, equating trying as an NFL exec to assertive communication: You might do everything correct and in your power to do, and still fail to achieve the outcome you're seeking. If, however, you never try or put yourself out there, you will ever achieve it.

We've half-assed with the trying this offseason. We went full-bore into the draft with a plan, even if I didn't love all of it, so great! We epically failed in FA, IMO, so boo. If you never try, you will fail. Or, in this case, you will push your timeline to succeed back by a year.