For Us Older Long Suffering Suns' Fans


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Oct 19, 2003
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I can remember that bonehead pick by the Suns like it was yesterday. I have never forgot it, it was just such a stupid move.

They had done their homework just fine for weeks and were all set up to take Ron Harper who was a real stud. Then, like complete dummies, and with the rest of the league GMs probably laughing their rears off, the Suns take Bedford, not questioning why those ahead of them were suddenly passing on him. What chumps I felt we were the moment they did that. And then the drug problems began and the Suns hit rock bottom.

Harper goes on to play over 1000 games, had a career where he won 5 championship rings, and averaged over 20 points per game over his first 10 years.
1,009 games, 13,910 points, 4,309 rebounds, 3,916 assists, 1,716 steals, 729 blocks.

The Suns should have known there was a reason Bedford fell in the draft.

Ron Harper would have been an excellent choice.