Final Super Bowl predictions


Dec 26, 2003
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I predict I'm going to have to go up the ladder to clean the snow out of my satellite dish at least twice during the game to get signal. There's also a strong possibility I may lose power altogether if the snow keeps up.

For the game I predict 56 Patriots, Giants 10. This game will be over in the second quarter. Its a tragic year for a wildcard team to make it to the Superbowl to face these Pats. Worked out badly.

I got to feel bad for these Giants. They will end up like the 85 Pats, stuck on highlight reels looking foolish for the rest of time. Does anything good come out of that? Do those 85 Patriots take pride in having their whipping immortalized for all time? Going to the Superbowl this year was really a booby prize. Of course I could be wrong, its happened before, but I will be shocked if these Giants make a game of it.
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