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May 21, 2010
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I was totally against Sean Payton coaching here, not because he is not a great football mind cause he is. But because he has the most penalized unsportsmanlike character in the history of sports, well that is still coaching. He supported the kill Kurt bounties that ended Warners career, then a movie was made with sean Payton portrayed as the victim! Hometown my AZ!

Our Bidwill‘s haven’t always won or been popular, but they have taken many hits for the NFL shield and survived when other teams and leagues went defunct. they have not have bad character for a century, just bad performance, football gods may not be done with Cards yet. but really need to give Pottsville curse a tip of the hat, pretty effective!

Vance Joesph could have easily been our coach, don’t know where this fits in the grand scheme of things. But bullets were dodged.
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