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Pawnee, Skidi Clan
Feb 1, 2012
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Mesa, AZ
Most people born this century are going to live a very long life on average. Well over 100 years in this century, and continually longer as time goes on. The exception or culmination would be in the case of a global catastrophe of some sort.

Even though the advances in technology, science, and medicine will aid in prolonging life, the more technology we develop and rely on makes the destruction of present society a lot more inevitable. It won't take much on a cosmic timetable for some disaster to occur. A simple periodic solar storm, large enough asteroid, or enormous enough volcano/earthquake in the right place, could set us easily back 100 years or more. That doesn't sound like much historically speaking. But those living today and afterwards would not be prepared to live in a non-techno world, where most things we rely on would come to a screeching halt, and produce an instant every man for himself, dog eat dog world. The days of fun and relaxation would be long gone. And I doubt most people could, or would want to, live in such a world.

So, the good news is you can look forward to a much longer life. The bad news is that the longer you live, the odds of experiencing a global catastrophe will also increase.

I lucked out. I won't live much longer to have to experience such a thing. And yet, I had the pleasure of living in the era that was the Beatles.
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