Desert Swarm defence invented by CFL coaching legend?


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Dec 28, 2020
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DON MATTHEWS? Not dick tomey.

Interesting fact.....

CFL is known as the league with the best coaches in football......spread? Shuffle pass? Qb sneak? All originated from the cfl.

Arizona Desert Swarm defence?????

Im sure you have heard about it being in the state. Teddy Bruschi and rob waldrop who played in the cfl were surprisingly fascinating in a story done by i believe gambo few yrs ago when teddy bruschi would go to canada to cfl games before patriots camp to watch games and go on vacation with his family.


Dick Tomey didnt invent the az d.s defense. It was cfl coaching legend don matthews. He taught it to the assistants and tomey.

Mstthews was offered the Wildcats dc position in mid 90s but wanted to stay in cfl.

He ended up coaching flutie to back to back grey cups.

He was then offered the head coaching position at 2 nfl teams but stayed retired until he came back to coach montreal. Marv levys former team..... bill belichick offered the dc to matthews before crennel but again turned them down. However they remained close friends and matthews assisted in teaching the defense to belichick......

Now thats a story folks