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Don't Stop Believin'
Feb 19, 2004
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I got super lazy once they shut down my gym during the pandemic, used it as an excuse not to do anything.

Moved to FL right around Christmas time and decided once I got settled I would work back at getting in shape. I joined a gym end of March and now go 5 days a week--3 days of weight training & 2 days of hot yoga (yoga is brand new to me). I'd like to get my weight down to under 190 (I am am like 202 right now--6' tall) but more importantly I'd like to just get back in to decent shape--maybe turning 50 this year is an extra motivation or a wake up call. I got down to the 185 range a few years ago when I was really working on it--unfortunately I fell off the wagon fitness-wise.

I am watching what I eat but not counting calories, eating lots of protein, staying away from sugars as best I can and not overeating. I don't expect it to be a quick journey, I just have to keep at it.

Sounds like you're on the right track. Cutting out sugars and decreasing portion size are great. Just these two things alone will have huge benefits.

I'm getting close to 50 also, so I've been shifting my focus towards longevity and general wellbeing. I've added some balance exercises with my bosu ball to keep my stabilizer muscles active and my back healthy. Lots of breathing exercises as well to keep my stress down.

If you ever decide to track calories I suggest https://cronometer.com/


I'm not sure if that link will work or not, but you can just google it. I don't use it daily, but I use it occasionally to get a feel for how many calories I'm eating, but more importantly it tracks a lot of micronutrients. Pretty handy to make sure you're not deficient in anything. And, it's great to get a general idea of which and how much nutrients are in the food you're eating.

And of course fasting. That's the best thing you can do for your body and it's free! I'm actually fasting for 24 hours today because I plan on indulging for the Suns game tonight.


Working from home. Missing my free coffee!
Jan 3, 2003
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Laveen, AZ
Changed my diet and have lost 23 pounds so far in less than 40 days. Roughly half a pound a day. I am doing Dr. Eddelstyn's Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease diet. No Oils, No meats, No sugary drinks (like coke and Pepsi), No caffeinated coffee, No Oils, No nuts, No Avocados. It's pretty extreme. I am only walking for exercise. I can see my legs and arms changing shape even though I am only walking. So far my lower body has lost the most weight, of course. At least clothes sizes are more radically changing for my lower body so far.