Cool spam blocking tool for Outlook

Mike Olbinski

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May 13, 2002
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Phoenix, AZ
I thought I'd start this board up for us web/tech geeks who want to pass along good info along the lines of websites, programs, etc.

Someone passed this on to me, and it's been working great:

It's a Peer to Peer spam blocking app that integrates with Outlook. You can throw away your Spam rules, this thing is amazing. it has about 400,000 people using it, and everything you get a piece of spam that hasn't been logged by Cloudmark, you report it. Then, once they confirm it as spam, it's blocked forever for you, and the 399,999 other people using it.

You can imagine how cool this is. Since I've started using it, only about 2 spam mails have gotten through out of about 30 or more.

Pretty amazing.