A Bit of History that may Interest You - 1 Game Never Forgotten


Pawnee, Skidi Clan
Feb 1, 2012
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Mesa, AZ
It's Dec. 26, 1970. I am working and living in the Sierra Nevada Mts at a Ski Resort called the Sugar Bowl, and had the opportunity to watch a unique NFL game between the Cowboys and Lions. Lions were 3 point favorites I believe, and the game was in Dallas, I'm thinking it might have been held in the Cotton Bowl. The weather was on the cold side but above freezing, nothing extreme, and nothing like the freezing snowy weather where I was watching from.

So, what was unique about this game? The final score of 5-0 was a rarity, but what gets me the most was the final stats of Cowboy QB Craig Morton. He led the Boys to a victory going 4 of 18 for a total of 38 yards passing, with a net of only 20. How they figured that I really don't know. To have what for any QB would be the worst game in a long lifetime of NFL games and still win the game as the underdog, would have to be called and remembered as quite unique. (Only 2 weeks prior Morton had led the Boys to a real thrashing of the Browns, 6-2.)

I guess I will always remember this game, even now over 50 years ago, along with the fact that it took place near the end of my 21st year, and during one of the very best and most fun years of my life. Looking back now, I have but one regret although a big one, I fell for a lovely innocent girl who I met on the slopes that winter. She was a country girl, a real cute down home natural beauty. We seemed perfect for each other and I let her get away when I left the mountains for the desert to attend ASU, never to see or hear from her again. I, the rest of my life, never met anyone I liked that much and had that much fun with. Her name was Barbara, an 18 year old girl who instantly stole my heart with her million dollar smile.