2018 NBA Mock Draft: With best odds in lottery, Suns grab Arizona's Deandre Ayton at No. 1

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May 8, 2002
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The 2018 NBA Draft has long been considered special because of the star-power at the top and depth throughout the lottery. Obviously, there's no guarantee you'll get a difference-maker picking seventh -- or first, for that matter. But could you get one picking seventh? Yes, I think, you absolutely could. And that's what makes this draft more exciting than most. As you know, the lottery odds are now set. So I decided to freshen-up my 2018 NBA Mock Draft -- one that now better reflects what I think franchises will actually do as opposed to what I'd do. That's why I have Arizona's Deandre Ayton going No. 1. He's not necessarily the player I'd take No. 1. But he does appear to be the player Phoenix

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