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Feb 17, 2007
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1 – This has Kyler Murray written all over it. Hollywood was his best friend (I don’t know that, but well, football-wise), so this definitely helps making Murray stay.

2 – Extremely important that they got a third round pick back. They need it.

3 – How the fans and players from a player’s previous team react say a lot. Those are the people spending the most time following said player. Lamar Jackson was certainly not happy with the trade, and seemingly most Ravens fans don’t like it either.

4 – Who cares if you are a small receiver if no one ever catches you? They need to touch you to hurt you.

5 – The Cards’ offense and the Ravens’ offense could not be much more different. Hollywood could flourish in Kingsbury’s offense. I have no doubt.

6 – The trade was announced immediately after the Lions picked Jameson Williams, and after Garrett Wilson and Chris Olave got taken. Sure, the trade for Hollywood was prepared, as Keim said, but it was not executed before the options were gone. And oh yes, Bidwill had the plane ready in Vegas, but obviously to bring somebody back to Arizona. Not necessarily Hollywood. Kingsbury said that himself on the Pat McAfee show, so let’s not fool ourselves.

7 – They wanted Hollywood in the draft back then. They couldn’t, so they waited a little and decided to take Andy Isabella instead. Think about that for a while.

8 – It’s not that long since he was a highly exciting draft prospect, and the first receiver off the board that year. Worth remembering.

9 – Sure, Keim have made some okay first round picks, but I don’t really trust him in it. I trust him 1000x more with trades.

10 – It confuses me to read people (everywhere) criticizing the pick without putting it into context. Yes, they gave up a first round pick, but who do you draft at #23 with equal value to Hollywood Brown? Okay, edge rusher Jermaine Johnson maybe, but there is obviously a reason that he fell that far. Potentially cornerback Kaiir Elam, but who else? No one. You can’t judge the trade without context.


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Jul 11, 2002
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Plainfield, Il.
I can’t look back at who was available at 23 after we made the trade. There were no gaurantee’s the player we wanted would be there.
It’s obvious the Cardinals wanted a Wr one way or the other with the first pick.
The real balance of this trade will be determined on what we do with these next 3 picks.

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