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  1. BigDavis75

    "ONE BAD MAN"!

    That first play was wild, wow. He was before my time as a fan sadly.
  2. BigDavis75

    Wk 19 Arizona Cardinals off season thread. 05/15/23-05/21/23

    Morse is awesome, I watch almost every bills game. He would be a great option for a year or two.
  3. BigDavis75

    2023 4th round pick #122 is Jon Gaines II G

    Hump/Hayes/Gaines/Hernandez/Paris with Jones/Beachum/Smith/someone else backing up would be great. Three young starters on the line.
  4. BigDavis75

    Kyler, allegedly, Almost Traded to Atlanta on Draft Night

    Certainly possible with the defense we have.
  5. BigDavis75

    Chase Roullier (Center:Commanders) Just Got Cut

    Sounds like he’ll fit right in.
  6. BigDavis75

    2023 Draft Day 3 thread rds 4-7

    Edge, DT, corner and center in some order but I don’t think there was clearly one above the others and we did a good job with two of those and not so good with the other two.
  7. BigDavis75

    Draft Grades

    But Keim routinely set us up poorly in following years for both the cap and the draft. He traded four picks just last year for guys who aren’t on the roster today.
  8. BigDavis75

    In Monti We Trust

    My guess is that it was a mix where montis influence waned the further the draft went on and had to rely more on current scouts and system. Maybe we’ll never know.
  9. BigDavis75

    2023 3rd round pick #72 is Garrett Williams CB

    “Strategic” would mean not rooting for this team. We are all here despite our best interests.
  10. BigDavis75

    Hopkins is still here (April)

    I think our offense is quite good on paper assuming Kyler recovers, what do y’all think?
  11. BigDavis75

    2023 6th round pick #180 is Kei'Trel Clark CB

    I loved this interview, thanks for sharing.
  12. BigDavis75

    Draft Grades

    We got unbelievable equity for next year and picked a good group of athletes. Even if you disagree with our 4th and 5th round plays, this was the best draft we’ve had since 2003 imo.
  13. BigDavis75

    Remaining Free Agents - Who You Want?

    Shelby Harris
  14. BigDavis75

    2023 Draft Day 3 thread rds 4-7

    Agreed, hoping we can get center and DT. Would be a good time to trade up near the start of the round to get the guy we want.
  15. BigDavis75

    2023 3rd round pick #94 is Michael Wilson WR

    Watching some of his videos he looks like an excellent route runner, his cuts are really impressive as is his stop/start.
  16. BigDavis75

    2023 Draft Day 1 thread (no spoilers)

    No way with the Knox extension I'd think
  17. BigDavis75

    2024 Texans pick watch thread

  18. BigDavis75

    Cards May Not Be Done with Round 1

    Also hoping we wind up with a center, seems like that position late first/early second would is historically a solid bet. Also the cardinals have never had a good, healthy center in my twenty years of watching the team :)
  19. BigDavis75

    2024 Texans pick watch thread

    My question as well
  20. BigDavis75

    Cards May Not Be Done with Round 1

    Who do you think they are aiming for if they trade up? Would love to get Nolan smith that late but I doubt he’s there.
  21. BigDavis75

    2023 1st round pick is #6 Paris Johnson

    We must have *really* liked him, need to think for a beat for how the two trades bet. Gut instinct I like the first but not the second
  22. BigDavis75

    2023 1st round pick #3 and #105 are traded to Texans for #12, #33, 1st and 2nd in 2024

    Gonna go on record and say this is a good trade, that first next year with our first should be foundational for the team.
  23. BigDavis75

    Cardinals Busted for Tampering with Gannon.

    This ******* team, it’s unrelenting
  24. BigDavis75

    The 2023 NFL Draft Rumor thread

    He might end up being right but I don’t see any source and I take his tweets with a grain of salt.
  25. BigDavis75

    Our Draft System "largely untouched since the 1970s." Per Bidwill.

    We don’t live in a meritocracy sadly.

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