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    2023 3rd round pick #94 is Michael Wilson WR

    Injuries only thing that can derail this kid. Just from the vid you see the leadership everyone talks about. If he fails it wont be from him not working.
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    Cardinals announce they have released Hopkins

    I mean you can only negotiate what the market allows you to. From Nuk still chilling out there and not every team running to his services its not that big of a market.
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    Cardinals announce they have released Hopkins

    So when negotiating you always start at wanting the lowest compensation. Is that what your saying? Ive never heard of someone selling something they deem high quality product for cheap price, in the business world.
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    Cardinals announce they have released Hopkins

    Isnt that what you should do tho? Hold out for the highest compensation. We all thought Nuk should get us a 2nd or 3rd. If Monti would of settled for 6th rd pick by draft we would of all wanted Monti gone. Holdout for the highest compensation if no one bites lower your asking price. If its a 6th...
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    Cardinals announce they have released Hopkins

    We can expect much from the team. If teams says they couldn't find away to get a trade done. Release Nuk last week who still without a team and now Nuk is going away from his so call preferred options to maybe the Texans. Maybe they really couldn't get trade done that works for both sides. The...
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    Cardinals announce they have released Hopkins

    Let's give Nuk a top 15 wrs at worst. Are we to believe any other top 15 wrs even with his same contract situation wouldn't of had a verbal commitment before being officially released. If steelers released diontae johnson he would been on a new team immediately.
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    Cardinals announce they have released Hopkins

    Teams arent tripping over themselves to sign him with out draft compensation. But some on this board think we could of got draft compensation for him smfh
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    Week 17-Arizona Cardinals off season thread. 05/1/23-05/7/23

    This will be his first year in an actually NFL offense. Under center, Shanahan type offense. So will see how he actually does, with real coaching.
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    2023 Draft Day 2 thread rds 2 and 3

    Wilson a sleeper pick. Scouts compare him to davante from his work ethic to his measure ables. Just has to stay healthy
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    Keim Steps Down

    Plus in 4yrs he still hasnt been coached by a actual NFL coach just a loser college coach. In 4yrs kyler been under center what 5 times in the NFL this is craziness. I just want to see kyler with actual NFL coach and NFL offense, who will help him learn what he needs to do and know.
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    Indy Rumor from a Good Source - Cards not active in Free Agency due to trading down

    Thats why I dont no why ppl are stressing about free agency on this board. It seems we want to be a team that builds through the draft and develops players.
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    PLAYOFFS: Divisional Round Games

    could possibly be a rescheduled hopefully
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    PLAYOFFS: Divisional Round Games

    I want 49ers to lose. So we can hurry and bring demeco to the desert
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    Cardinals Head Coaching Candidates 2023
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    OT: Wild Card weekend. 1/14/23-1/16/23

    If Seahawks goes up a td or 2. There gunna win this game. Purdy aint it
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    POLL: Sean Payton in 2023 (Officially Going to Denver)

    Sean wanted to prove to people he could make wildcat qb taysom hill a nfl starter qb. I definitely think he is very interested in being able to actual coach the qb version of taysom hill in kyler.
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    So, we're picking 3rd....

    Time to do some research on carter and Anderson. Leaning more Anderson right now
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    Cards’ Draft Position

    What spot do we need to get to secure will anderson?
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    Steve Keim taking an indefinite, health-related leave of absence

    Lmaoooooooooo Cmon you gotta relax
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    Chargers at Cardinals gameday thread 11-27-22

    just fire kliff already smh
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    Name your type five worthless players on the roster

    Why did we even trade picks for robbie Anderson. could of just signed will fuller to min contract for all that
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    Trey Mcbride so far

    crazy part if we wanted a TE we could of just got dulcich in the 3rd round. Who looks legit just rottening away in Denvers offense
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    Trey Mcbride so far

    With trey looking to play his 1st game with kyler. How do you think he will do, any of yall like what you have seen so far. from him. Is he ready to replace ertz, cuz who knows how he returns from that injury.
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    Cardinals at Vikings gameday thread 10-30-22

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