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  1. leclerc

    The Suns' search for a New Coach Thread

    Ugh, no to Doc Rivers. Not too happy about hiring an existing assistant either, in Kevin Young. I'd rather get someone from the outside shake things up.
  2. leclerc

    2023 Western Conference Finals - Nuggets vs Lakers

    As long as he doesn't waddle his way to the finals and another ring I'm happy with his ups and downs. Really amazing career he's had. Not a fan though.
  3. leclerc

    2023 Phoenix Suns Offseason

    I absolutely believe Ayton can turn it around elsewhere. Especially when it's time for a new contract ;) Plenty of folks in the FO have missed in the draft in recent years. We could have had Luka and Fox, not to mention Haliburton. Have you guys heard this before? BIG IF TRUE. So yeah, I hope...
  4. leclerc

    Playoffs: Nuggets @ Suns Thursday game thread 5-11-2023 - Game 6

    Good luck to the Nuggets going all the way. I prefer them over Hell A and Warriors out of the west. Not that interested in the east. Would be cool for Harden or Jimmy Buckets to shine in the finals.
  5. leclerc

    2023 Phoenix Suns Offseason

    I'm ready to move on from Ayton, CP3 and Monty. Some good seasons and great memories, but all in all folded when it mattered. Need a rebuild around Booker and Durant with a new coach and a GM who is a bit more aware of team weaknesses. JJ never got us help at PG or inside.
  6. leclerc

    Playoffs: Nuggets @ Suns Friday game thread 5-5-2023 - Game 3

    Good job by Monty in this game. He saw the need for contributions from the bench and played experienced scorers. Great to see Ross and TJ out there helping out. He even called time outs when Denver had some momentum. Also nice to see Durant not giving up but playing through a crap start. And...
  7. leclerc

    Playoffs: Suns @ Nuggets Saturday game thread 4-29-2023- Game 1

    Got killed on the boards. Need to show more intensity on defense and rebounding next game.
  8. leclerc

    2023 NBA Playoffs - Other Teams

    Just got to say AAAAAHAHAHAHAHA to the first round exit of Milwaukee and bulldozer Giannis. Not sure if Jae played even a second in game 5. Watching the recording now. :cheers: :beer:
  9. leclerc

    Playoffs: Suns @ Clippers Thursday game thread 4-20-2023 - Game 3

    I hope and believe CP3 and Ayton (and the whole team really) will play into form. All that matters is we won the game today and got some more time together. What does not kill you only makes you stronger, or so they say.
  10. leclerc

    2023 NBA Play-in Tournament Thread

    I was pleasantly surprised by the refs in Wolves - Lakers game. They could have thrown more fouls on KAT or Ant early, but they didn't. They even called fouls on LeBron so it was an exciting game. Can't ask for more. Too bad the Wolves didn't win it. Would have been sweet. I think both Lakers...
  11. leclerc

    Suns @ Lakers Wednesday game thread 3-22-2023

    Question: Who should be in the rotation in the playoffs if everybody is healthy? Starters: - Ayton - Craig - Durant - Booker - Paul Bench: - Okogie - Payne - Lee - Landale/Bizzy?
  12. leclerc

    Suns @ Lakers Wednesday game thread 3-22-2023

    Our coaching staff or Deandre himself needs to practice how to get in good position so his teammates can get him the ball. He's pretty good when he gets the ball and goes to the jump shot or the hook. Just needs to get the ball more. Disclaimer: This requires effort and it might be physical...
  13. leclerc

    Suns trade for PF Darius Bazley

    Not saying hard foul per se, but play physical back at him. Meet force with force. If he smashes into you, smash back. Ref is going to blow the whistle in favor of Giannis anyway, so foul him before he has time to finish the euro three-step and scoop/dunk. Back paddling and wilting is not a good...
  14. leclerc

    Suns @ Lakers Wednesday game thread 3-22-2023

    Bazley's only job would be to defend, rebound and run the floor. Then, as the system prescribes, stand in the corner and wait for the pass. Maybe with some confidence he could turn into something. If he's garbage he can only get better. 3 and D guy would be neat, if he can pick up Luka or other...
  15. leclerc

    Suns @ Lakers Wednesday game thread 3-22-2023

    I'd like to see TJ Warren get some meaningful minutes. Craig and Ross have not defended their playing time. When things are not working you usually have to try something different. Right? By all means, if the starters are cold from 3 (Okogie or Craig) then put in Lee and Payne early. Even...
  16. leclerc

    Suns @ Thunder Sunday game thread 3-19-2023

    But I guess, if they have a system, and they trust it and they just have to let it work, then by all means. Sit idly by and wait for it to work.
  17. leclerc

    Suns @ Thunder Sunday game thread 3-19-2023

    Let's see now. Home team is going on a big run late in the game. It's not when are you calling a time out, coach, it is ARE you calling a time out? No? Oh well, there goes the lead, the home team's momentum is not stopped, and we're too far behind in the last 2 minutes of the game. I wonder if...
  18. leclerc

    Suns @ Thunder Sunday game thread 3-19-2023

    You suck, Luka!
  19. leclerc

    Al McCoy retiring at the end of the season

    When I started watching NBA games I subscribed to VHS cassettes with 1 1/2 Suns games on them. Usually Al McCoy was saying Shazam and Whataburger on them. His voice was a big part of my childhood. Love you Al!
  20. leclerc

    Bucks @ Suns Tuesday game thread 3-14-2023

    Eager to see Okogie try to stop their PG, Holiday something-something.
  21. leclerc

    Suns @ Warriors Monday game thread 3-13-2023

    Watching the recording of the first half now. Clay Thompson is his name.
  22. leclerc

    Suns @ Warriors Monday game thread 3-13-2023

    Yeah well, we can worry about tomorrow and would haves, should haves in the off-season and forever more. Looking forward to seeing Okogie on Curry. If he does not go off and we get Ayton the ball in good positions, I think we can beat them. Hope to see some drama between Book and their shooting...
  23. leclerc

    Suns @ Mavericks Sunday game thread 3-5-2023

    For his (Ross) career he has a pretty good PPG that beats our dudes I think, in D. Lee, Shamet, Okogie. Besides, you can never have enough shooters. We saw that in this game.
  24. leclerc

    Suns @ Mavericks Sunday game thread 3-5-2023

    I know Luka is a sore loser and this probably ruined his day. Thanks guys! Great game, I'm calling it a night.
  25. leclerc

    Suns @ Mavericks Sunday game thread 3-5-2023

    OK, sorry, I missed that one. Still think the big man coaching should be improved. Ayton is a specimen and needs proper coaching, both basketball and mentally.

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