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    Pff game grades from last year. He performed at a solid starter level at Guard
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    He started both a G and C. He played Well at G
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    Fire Monti

    That is a idiotic comparison. The only similarity is passing up the top edge rusher. BUT... - Very well compensated and now an extra 1st and 3rd next year - a draft that is expected to be more talented on non-QB - Still got a player that was rated as high on many board at a marque...
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    Cards sign OL Hjalte Froholdt

    He was a turnstile at C - completely different ratings at G than C. He graded Above average at G
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    Cards sign OL Hjalte Froholdt

    Me. Being an ex OL and from Denmark I have followed him and his career. He was 6th OL on Brown last year. Replaced an injured All-Pro G and played really well. Then replaced the injured starting C and did not so well. If you look at his rating, you'll see that he rates as a solid starter at G...
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    Trey Mcbride has only 129 receiving yards in 10 starts

    Tight-End is the position Where it traditionally Takes longest for pleyers to adapt to the NFL level. Far too early to write him off. Tony Gonzalez as a rookie - 368 yards. Antonio Gates as a rookie - 389 yards Gronk as a rookie - 543 yards And just for the record. McBride was the consensus...
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    Valley Real Estate

    This.... I do not get people that do not get this mechanism. Get in front of the market
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    Tour de France 2022

    Meanwhile, the arguebly best Tour de France in history is almost over. It has never been driven this aggressive, this intense, this reckless and this crazy. CRAZY ride!!!
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    MCU: Moon Knight (Disney+)

    Episode 5 Might be the Best single tv show episode in years. Love the weirdness of this serie
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    2022 2nd round pick is TE Trey McBride

    Great Value. Most had him in the Very low 30’s. Many in the 20’s
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    Suns Sign Gabriel Lundberg to a two-way contract

    Happy to the first fellow dane sign with the Suns
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    Memory lane: Do you remember your initial reaction to this draft pick?

    I remember I was meh, because he was a S - not a CB. Wanted a OT
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    10 thoughts - Bears game

    DJ is an above average, below Pro-Bowl level Blindside tackle. He's durable and fits this system very well. On paper he grades well, but takes too many penalties. I'm not that concerned about that, because this system and Kyler's scrambling is very difficult for the blindside
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    Big Finish?

    I agree. There are match-up that are harder and match-ups that are easier, but this is top to buttom the best team in the league.
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    Cardinals at Brown gameday thread 10-17-2021

    Every 1st down is 2 minutes off the clock
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    Cardinals at Brown gameday thread 10-17-2021

    Perfect drive. Turnover on downs and they took 4 minutes off the clock. One long drive by the offense now and the game is over
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    Cardinals at Brown gameday thread 10-17-2021

    Would take their momentum out of it, if we do
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    Jordan Hicks

    I think it's safe to say that Collins has a simpler role than Simmons and that it should be easier to adapt
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    The most impressive was....

    Super impressed by the game overall, but what I really liked. Rookie 4th rounder Marco Wilson playing 95% of all defensive snaps without anyone noticing that a rookie was playing.
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    Media silence on game one?

    Was in the media zone at the SB when Whisenhunt had a Press conference 1 week after his hiring. Bickley walked out because Stone Cold icecream were circling with free icecream. That showed his focus and professionalism.
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    UEFA EURO 2020 11 June - 11 July.

    Right team won... With the clips starting to surface.. English fans are a disgrace and England should never be allowed to host anything
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    UEFA EURO 2020 11 June - 11 July.

    I Do not believe that should have Been a penalty. But England had 3-4 periods of 5 minutes Where They were pressing hard, so Best team won. Deserved win. Just a bit of a weak way to win
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    UEFA EURO 2020 11 June - 11 July.

    Better team won. But heroic effort from Denmark - They played the last 25 minutes with 10 players after using all their substitutions and a player Breaking his foot
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    UEFA EURO 2020 11 June - 11 July.

    England > Denmark Pickford < Schmeichel
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    UEFA EURO 2020 11 June - 11 July.

    Problem is.. There are rules and procedures in place to move games away from high infected countries in this Euro. UEFA just chooses NOT to do it, because it one of the two most influencial countries within soccer.