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  1. Pariah

    It's time for Fans to take a stand and get the Real Refs back

    If you want to lump my disdain for the timing of the ref money grab into siding with management over the worker, okay, good on you. But I'd prefer to look at each case individually--and the refs don't represent most of America's workers. I standby my opinion. The refs are asking for too much...
  2. Pariah

    Kneel and Punt One Week Later

    You're sacrificing your third down with a kneel. So...yeah, you're basically punting on third--a down where you have a chance to gain yardage and keep playing offense. Teams don't play scared like that.
  3. Pariah

    Could the players walk out?

    Why would they do that?
  4. Pariah

    It's time for Fans to take a stand and get the Real Refs back

    I mentioned the economy. I don't really care what economy the NFL or other multi-million dollar corporations are seeing--including the refs. It's not about the NFL's profits--its about the working man not making it and here you have rich people arguing about how much richer they should get. My...
  5. Pariah

    We wouldnt be 3-0 with Peyton at the wheel

    LOL. Thank god we didn't get Manning. Phew! LOL!
  6. Pariah

    Favorite Hawaiian Foods

  7. Pariah

    MNF week 3 thread; who are you rooting for?

    I would bet you a lot of money they wouldn't say that. How would it even come up? I'll bet they say something at some point about how there are three really good defenses in the NFCW, though. And, they're right.
  8. Pariah

    It's time for Fans to take a stand and get the Real Refs back

    I didn't put a time stamp on it. It may take an entire season and offseason. I don't care. I'm disgusted by the regular refs demands. F them. There's a pretty significant recession going on and these already well-off businessmen, lawyers and bankers are asking for a pension? Yeah, bad time to be...
  9. Pariah

    Kneel and Punt One Week Later

    It doesn't matter if it worked or not. You don't punt on third down and you don't give up a down unless it's a victory formation situation. Of the hundreds of thousands of times teams have played a third down situation as in the patriots game I'll bet there are less than a handful of cases when...
  10. Pariah

    Grantland Hates Us

    I'll say the same ting I say whenever negative media (or a dearth of media attention) is pointed out: Whatever. Who cares?
  11. Pariah

    It's time for Fans to take a stand and get the Real Refs back

    Because they're capable human beings, and that's what we do--we learn.
  12. Pariah


    Eh. I don't think he's worrying too much about it. Provided he gets the DC gig in Pittsburgh he's got a pretty good career path. There really isn't a higher profile DC position.
  13. Pariah

    It's time for Fans to take a stand and get the Real Refs back

    I don't want the regular refs back. The new ones will normalize. The old ones want too much--pure greed. F them.
  14. Pariah

    What are you reading now?

  15. Pariah

    Trouble with the Curve

    oh, FACE! ;)
  16. Pariah

    The Rest Of The Schedule

    The Bills aren't that bad. Parity seems to be at an all time high in the NFL right now, IMO. I don't think that's a bad thing. Makes for exciting football.
  17. Pariah

    Kevin Kolb

    I don't disagree. But the inflatable tunnel looks like the inside of a body. EDIT: My bad. It doesn't look like an intestine, it looks like a colon.
  18. Pariah

    Andy Reid's call....

    Oof. That's not good.
  19. Pariah

    The Rest Of The Schedule

    A bad OL, a good defense and a questionable QB situation... Man, that sounds familiar. I can't put my finger on it... ;)
  20. Pariah

    The Rest Of The Schedule

    What makes Chicago look more winnable? No joke: They are who we thought they were. A good, fairly balanced team with a douche at QB who likes to throw red zone INTs. I've seen nothing to make me think they're not a 9 or 10 win team. Detroit doesn't look like the team they're supposed to...
  21. Pariah

    What are you reading now?

    "Immortal," by Gene Doucette I don't exactly know how this ended up in my Kindle. I think maybe it was offered at a deep discount on Facebook or something. Anyways, I'm enjoying it. It's brain candy.
  22. Pariah

    Kevin Kolb is the starter PERIOD!

    Agreed. I'm one who thi=ought this was a big enough problem--and so ingrained--that Skelton was the only option. I was wrong. Seems to have been much imporved, so much so that there's no reason to go to Skelton. I think it depends on who is there in the first. I still think Kolb's ceiling is...
  23. Pariah

    Kevin Kolb

    It's HUGE. ...but completely unsurprising. If schmucks like us can identify his problem, then professional coaches should be be able to fix it, IMO. Kudos to them to being able to successfully make the adjustment. (fingers crossed that it sticks)

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