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    TJ Warren Traded to Pacers

    What top level free agent would want to sign with this crap team? Another pissed away asset. Barring some miracle this offseason I am basically done with this team.
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    Suns reportedly to sign forward Quincy Acy to ten day contract

    You're definately not alone there. I think it's because it's so bleeding obvious that we need a decent PG on this squad that it just seems logical to think that the Suns would be prioritizing this and doing every thing they can to make it happen. But alas...
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    Nuggets @ Suns 12-29-18

    The simple fact is that no experienced, respectable NBA coach wants to coach the Suns (Budenholzer and Fizdale being two obvious examples) so we are stuck with inexperienced coaches like Igor, Watson etc. This will likely be the case for as long as Sarver owns the team, so we better just suck it...
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    Evaluating James Jones as acting GM

    It was reported that all 3 teams had agreed to the trade in principle, meaning that that the Suns had agreed in principle without first clarifying the players they were receiving. Simple as that. There is plenty of blame to go around but that is no excuse.
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    Latest on possible Ariza trade

    Oh thank god we got more wings - I was worried we were starting to running low. I guess we didn't give up much so it could be worse. But we can add the signing of Ariza as our marquee free agent last season to the endless list of blunders this team has made. And trading away a well respected...
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    Fire Robert Sarver

    Hey it's worth a shot BC. Unfortunately it would probably take a few years of sustained tanking before anyone steps in, or some sort of personal scandal as mentioned previously. The sad and frustrating thing is that I believe Sarver is genuinely trying to build a winner, but he is just so...
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    Unfortunately this is not the case. There were a few things McDonough said in his recent interview after Watson's firing that were quite telling: "Robert's always around, always involved...I talk to him at least once a day, usually multiple times a day" "Robert owns the team, I make...
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    Goran Dragic back in Phoenix

    We also have Brooks as a RFA, but it's probably unlikely we keep him now. It's a shame we can't use him in a sign and trade for Gordon because he didn't play for us last year.
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    How good/bad are we going to be next year

    Hard to say how good we will be next year, and I don't much care. For now I'm just happy that literally overnight we have finally accumulated some young talent and draft picks which we can build on and/or parlay into a better player(s) down the road. Never thought I would say that a year ago or...
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    Nash and Gortat trade to Boston?

    Maybe I took your use of caps "WHAT playing style?" the wrong way, plus the fact that you're always attacking other posters on this board over seemingly trivial things. Apologies if I misread. To be honest I haven't watched a Suns game all season because it's so depressing - therefore I'm not...
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    Nash and Gortat trade to Boston?

    You are trying to start an argument with me because of some offhand comment I made which I retracted 10 minutes later (I would have edited it out had mojo not already replied to it). Seriously just calm the f down and stop attacking other posters over nothing.
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    Nash and Gortat trade to Boston?

    Calm down
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    Nash and Gortat trade to Boston?

    I suppose trading Nash and Gortat would essentially be gutting the team, so I retract my comment about fitting into our playstyle. However I just envision Rondo acting up and/or bolting at the first opportunity if he was put into a rebuilding situation.
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    Nash and Gortat trade to Boston?

    It would turn my stomach to see us trade basically the only legit center the Suns have had in their entire history, to a team for someone we gave to them in the draft. Nevermind Nash being thrown in. Also I couldn't see Rondo fitting in with what we have here, both in terms of attitude and...
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    Suns work out Michael Finley, Jermaine Taylor, Al Thornton & Elijah Millsap

    Yeah let's bring in another useless wing player on a veteran's salary :thumbup:
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    Worst Franchise in the NBA

    Even if he were to sell the team he'd find some way to mess that up selling to someone who wants to move the team to Vegas etc. This team is completely paralyzed with him at the top.
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    It is time to give Nash a chance at a ring!

    You're all crazy. The plan is we should hold onto Nash, maybe get Brooks back into the lineup when he's done in China, and try and make a playoff push as Redd regains some of his old form. Then in the offseason we should try and bring in someone like Jermaine Oneal to shore up the PF position...
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    All Star voting has been completed

    LOL how did Joel Anthony get 100k votes? He's averaging 4ppg and 4rpg
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    Lottery Standing Watch

    Actually you're probably right. I wasn't playing that much attention to it at the time. And this is the Spurs we're talking about.
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    Lottery Standing Watch

    Agree. The Spurs "tanked" the year before the Duncan draft because Robinson was injured all year and he was basically their whole team at the time, not because Popovich decided to tank for Duncan. Likewise the only way for the Suns to truly tank would be to get rid of Nash or for him to get...
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    Lopez Suspended 1 Game

    According to Hoopshype Robin's qualifying offer amount this offseason will be $4M. Considering that any scrub big man making $800k a year could easily match his production, I'm hoping we won't offer it and just let him walk.
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    Lottery Standing Watch

    We'd probably have to throw in a 1st rounder to get someone to take on that awful contract. Crap I hope Sarver doesn't read this.
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    Go Suns!

    At least Gortat and Morris had decent games - that's pretty much all I care about as far as our team is concerned. As for our other bigs, I hope we just dump Lopez after this season when his contract expires, and there has to be some team out there who thinks Frye is a passable big man and...
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    Game thread: Suns at Knicks

    I didn't see the game, but why did Morris only get 6 mins? He got 2 fouls in the 1st then didn't come back in. Is he hurt?
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    Spurs Game thread. 1/15/2012

    I couldn't watch the game because I had to work, but it looks like I still had a more enjoyable experience. Our nightmare upcoming schedule could easily put us at 5-15 at the end of the month. Surely that will be the tipping point.

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