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  1. Redleg

    Cardinals Uniform Concept

    How good a uniform looks is readily apparent when you put it on a BIG lineman. If it looks good on them it will work on anyone. :cheers:
  2. Redleg

    If you had it all to do over and felt no allegiance to the Cards whatsoever

    Followed the Redskins from birth to 1988. Once we got a team here I was all in.
  3. Redleg

    Seattle politician calls Arizona "racist wasteland" after loss

    The Cardinals mug in the pic for the win!
  4. Redleg

    January 2013; can you feel the DARKSIDE?

    Will there be cookies?
  5. Redleg

    Ridiculous nicknames for a possible London NFL team

    Bubble and Squeak, I like that. QB center exchange might be a bit problematic though.
  6. Redleg

    Pictures of the catch.

    Would have never been an issue if the defeder had swatted the ball out the back of the end zone rather than trying to catch it. That is what I would have done (if I was a bigger, younger, more talented version of myself). :D
  7. Redleg

    A huge pick me up

    Nope, my boyo is an officer now. I couldn't be prouder.
  8. Redleg

    A huge pick me up

    Better change your name, Looey. I know you are not a corporal anymore.:D
  9. Redleg

    Whiz On ESPN

    Thanks, Gee. Now I need a new TV and the wife is mad about the carpet. I've got to stop being so literal.
  10. Redleg

    2010 Prediction Thread.. Get them in now so you can be laughed at later!

    10-6, win the division. I invent at least 10 new cuss words while watching.
  11. Redleg

    ESPN's take on the NFC West

    So, in an effort to pad my post count: ESPN just ran down the NFC west and the things I took away from it wee: 1. Most important offensive player in the devision: D. Anderson. Obviously if he works out we win, if not..... 2. Most under rated team: Cadinals. Are we who we thought...
  12. Redleg

    Week One: Cardinals at Rams (game thread)

    To quote "Clubber Lang": "My prediction? Pain."
  13. Redleg

    Why are YOU a Cardinals' fan??

    When the Cardinals moved to Phoenix I was stationed in the valley. I thought this would be a great thing to do with my son, then age 6, so I bought season tickets for us both and the rest is history. I no longer live in Arizona and my son is overseas now but we both still follow the team...
  14. Redleg

    Say Man.. Who Here..

    Yup yup. SDS on the sunny side '88-'96.
  15. Redleg

    Did we Give up when the Germans Bombed Pearl Harbor

    Jake Delhomme HAS no quarterback rating. All passes incomplete.
  16. Redleg

    Night Crew?????

    Still representing in ATL. FEAR THE RED BIRD!
  17. Redleg

    Hey! Espn....

    Did you catch Collingsworth credit the crowd noise for the defensive play? Then after the commercial break he said that they have played extremely well. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall in that booth and know who made him man up.
  18. Redleg

    Uh Oh... Falcons fans are mad at Antrel and Dockett

    I proudly wore cardinals gear at work all week here in Atlanta. Smiled all day as the local crowd piled it on and told them all to "FEAR THE RED BIRD!". Monday will be a blessing as I sport my Fitzgerald jersey in front of 900 losers. Sweet revenge.
  19. Redleg

    Night Crew!

    Didn't know KOC but I was a season ticket holder from 88 to 96. Travelled the world for Uncle Sam and now live in Atlanta. 900 people work for me and they are all getting a big dose of "Big Red" in the face! Go Cards!
  20. Redleg

    OT: Fighting on the 31st

    You should see him when the Cardinals fail to win.....not pretty.
  21. Redleg

    Most Overrated RB In NFL

    Not the intended message. I must remember to remove all ambiguity from my posts to avoid future embarrassment or take another 4 years to think it through.
  22. Redleg


    A .500 season is about what I expected this year. I saw a lot of things from the team this year that were both better and worse than anticipated. If two of the losses were against teams not from San Francisco the record would be easier to take. I am looking forward to next season and hoping...
  23. Redleg

    Wow. Lots of posters long missing from ASFN

    Officially padding my post count. I enjoy the site, love watching the games, but can't really contribute much to the discussions. But I sure love the Cardinals!
  24. Redleg

    Most Overrated RB In NFL

    I'm going with Ricky Williams.....every thing I read about him has him high.
  25. Redleg

    More Love for Quan!

    This is my first attempt at Fantasy (ooh) Football, and I included "Big Bang" on my roster. Took a lot of flak over it but won last week and have been serving up big hot steaming bowls of crow all week. :thumbup:

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