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  1. Mike Olbinski

    Bird Box

    Garbage lol...bad writing...people running in forests without crashing into trees every 5 feet, the entire river........ And it wasn't scary at all despite the hype lol.
  2. Mike Olbinski

    RIP Kwamie Lassiter

    Wow...I'm so sad about this. I remember back in the day working with his wife on the Lassiter Foundation website. Awful news, devastating for his family. Wishing them the best :(
  3. Mike Olbinski

    Westworld (HBO)

    Last episode!!!!
  4. Mike Olbinski

    Official Arizona Weather Thread

    haha, thanks man!
  5. Mike Olbinski

    Official Arizona Weather Thread

    LOL :) Someone said something that reminded me of this place and I had to stop by...I just am in such another world right now with my own business and kids and all that, I barely think about sports and stuff, although I'm still a huge Cards fan and try to watch the Suns when I can. Wish I had...
  6. Mike Olbinski

    New look and software for ASFN coming soon!

    Awesome job guys, I come back after two years and just had to reset my password, super seamless!
  7. Mike Olbinski

    Official Arizona Weather Thread

    Hey guys! Thanks for the Emmy love Brian haha, I miss this place :)
  8. Mike Olbinski

    Castle (ABC)

    Agreed, but I'm all in on this one and I love Fillion too much to not see how it ends :)
  9. Mike Olbinski

    Forum Theme (color?)

    I want my minimal style back!
  10. Mike Olbinski

    The Last Ship

    I've been watching it myself and I'm highly critical of crappy shows...somehow, it's kept me hooked for now. It's not awesome for sure, but it's slightly above average so I'm stuck :)
  11. Mike Olbinski

    Official Arizona Weather Thread

    So happy this is still on the first page of the EE forum after 7 years :)
  12. Mike Olbinski

    The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

    Okay guys, I finally saw this today and I was kind of worried because I've seen so much bashing of the film, and the reviews have been average, only 65% on RT....but I went in with an open mind anyways. I LOVED IT. Even got misty-eyed at the end, which isn't a surprise for me anyways, eh BIM...
  13. Mike Olbinski

    The Walking Dead (AMC)

    The worry is in their difference of opinion on where the show should go...but I guess as long as Robert Kirkman is still part of it, that's good.
  14. Mike Olbinski

    Homeland (SHO) - thread contains spoilers

    Well yeah...but if he was a true mole, a true terrorist...why would he want the one person around who knows him the best? She'd see right through him. I dunno...I like what you are saying, but I also think it may not have been that deep.
  15. Mike Olbinski

    Homeland (SHO) - thread contains spoilers

    Like he was surprised or hoping she wouldn't be there? Interesting.
  16. Mike Olbinski

    Homeland (SHO) - thread contains spoilers

    Hot damn that's interesting and good shiz dude. The only downside is...he was in lockup for like three days. How did he orchestrate that unless he was just the mole. I also feel like it would KILL ME if he turned out to be working for terrorists because I LOVE that character so much.
  17. Mike Olbinski

    Homeland (SHO) - thread contains spoilers

    It was MEH? Thought it rocked...I mean, they killed all kinds of people :) The Hebrew stuff was fantastic. Saul's character is so amazing, I love any second he's on screen.
  18. Mike Olbinski

    The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

    Yeah, I don't like that realistic 48fps effect, ugh. No 3D either. Just normal fun. Also, I'm not complaining...three more LOTR movies...maybe I'm just a fanboy and love this stuff, but I'm fine with as much as possible. Stoked to see tales from other books make it into these films. I...
  19. Mike Olbinski

    Hollywood Stock Exchange: HSX

    LOL I haven't logged on in over 2 years, so I just did. My Hobbit purchase is doing well :) Now I own STAR7 ;)
  20. Mike Olbinski

    Official Arizona Weather Thread

    It's dust/haze...should clear out by lunch I think.
  21. Mike Olbinski

    A goodbye from Nash to Suns fans

    Steve made me tear up.
  22. Mike Olbinski

    Nash to Lakers???

    I think it's #2 to the Spurs. I'm a native of this state and we've always hated the Lakers. So whatever :) I hear Nash wanted it...but it sucks either way. Maybe tomorrow I'll wake up and not think about this as a fan and realize he wanted to go, so what do I care. But right now...I...
  23. Mike Olbinski

    Nash to Lakers???

    And the hits keep onnnnnn comin'
  24. Mike Olbinski

    Nash to Lakers???

    Ding ding ding. Ugh.

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