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  1. Redalert

    Bickley is going off on us right now on 910

    I feel that we have every right to spend our money where we choose. The advertisers are fair game considering we purchase their product and they use the money to pay Bickleys salary. If we don't think our money is being spent wisely we have an obligation to direct our money elsewhere.
  2. Redalert

    Bickley is going off on us right now on 910

    I will listen to Dickley and Bilechi monday morning and post what companies are advertising on his show so we can make a bigger impact. We can then call these companies and explain why we will not be using there services.
  3. Redalert

    Bickley is going off on us right now on 910

    The worst thing we can do is call his show. He makes a living on bashing the cards because he gets the phone lines lit up. If people stop calling he will change his tune or hit the road.
  4. Redalert

    The best way to send a message to the biased local media.

    Good Point! I must admit, I laughed after I typed 4.
  5. Redalert

    The best way to send a message to the biased local media.

    I think it's obvious that Bickley and Jurecki have a personal grudge against the Cards. My whole point is we deserve better. We are a big market with 4 major sports. We deserve honest and objective reporting instead of this childish behavior by piss poor journalists.
  6. Redalert

    The best way to send a message to the biased local media.

    I don't want the media to constantly support the Cardinals. I just want them to be given credit when it is due. My main complaint is with the AZ Republic, Channel 12 and with Dan Bickley and Mike Jurecki. There are many in the local media that bash the Cards but give them credit when it is due...
  7. Redalert

    The best way to send a message to the biased local media.

    The best thing we can do to make a statement is to hit them were it hurts. These are the things I suggest we do. 1. Stop subscriptions to the local papers. 2. I suggest we post on this thread the companies that pay for advertising on radio shows, television stations and Local Newspapers...
  8. Redalert

    Stadium Tour next Sunday on channel 10

    Jude Lacava said, they will showing a video of a tour of the new cardinals stadium next Sunday during sports night channel 10 at 9:30pm. 1/30/05
  9. Redalert

    Upshaw says salary cap to be $80.5 million

    [URL=] Gene Upshaw says, the salary cap will be about $80.5 million. This will put us somewhere between $18.5 and $19.5 million under the cap. I don't think the redzone has added the $1 million we saved by cutting Blake
  10. Redalert


    I was watching the Arizona Sports Report last night after the Coyotes game and Jurecki said " Bugel has been contacted by Fassel and will be coming with him". He didn't say, if he would be the O.C. or the O-line coach.
  11. Redalert

    Am I the only one concerned about Blakes accuracy on short passes?

    I like the way Blake puts us in a position to win, by not turning the ball over. I am concerned over his accuracy on the short passes 5-15 yds. He seems to have a hard time hitting the receiver from 5-15 yds downfield. Josh worries me, he seems lost out there. We definately need to pick up...
  12. Redalert

    Why not wear a knee brace?

    I don't understand why offensive and defensive lineman don't wear knee braces. I have been fortunate to not have any knee problems, but I would wear a knee brace just to help prolong my career. Do knee braces restrict your movement enough to justify not wearing them? Just think, if Swann...
  13. Redalert

    Great article on how to draft successfully

    Drafting 101 A how-to guide at draft for an NFL team By Pete Fiutak For purposes of this exercise, I'm the draft coordinator/general manager of an NFL team. I accept the NFL world the way it is right now with salary caps, free agency, and a parity world that demands that my team by in...
  14. Redalert

    Agree or Disagree?

    I agree!
  15. Redalert

    Salary Cap Savings Plan

    I read this earlier an the Eagles message board. I think we should use this loophole.
  16. Redalert

    34 million Who gets what!!

    The Cardinals always are 2 million under the cap to protect themselves from the injury bug. The reason they were more than 2 million under the cap last year was to hopefully resign Plummer and Boston. Unfortunately, Plummer had an awful year and Boston was busted for drugs. Bidwill deserves to...
  17. Redalert

    My dream Defense

    My mistake on Coles, I didn't realize he was a restricted free agent. I didn't include Suggs because we don't know if he will be available. I only included free agents because we know who is available. We definately need a wr in the first or second rd. The decision to not get anything in...
  18. Redalert

    My dream Defense

    My dream defense would be! RDE Vonnie Holliday backup Dennis Johnson RDT John Thornton backup Marcus Bell LDT Wendall Braynt backup Barron Tanner LDE KVB backup Fred Wakefield ROLB Rosevelt Colvin backup Levar Woods MLB Ronald McKinnon backup ? LOLB Raynoch Thompson backup Levar...

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