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  1. BritCard

    2021 1st round pick is Zaven Collins

    The 5th year option makes no difference. Players that leave in FA after their 5th year still count towards the comp pick formula. Recent examples are Evan Engram, who got the Giants 5th and the Sheldon Rankins who got a 5th for the Saints in 2022. If you Google, Niners are projected to get a...
  2. BritCard

    2021 1st round pick is Zaven Collins

    Why? Players who have their 5th year options taken up and then leave in FA still gain comp picks. It will probably be cancelled out in FA with the moves expected next year but it's still going to garner a comp.
  3. BritCard

    2021 1st round pick is Zaven Collins

    Yup. The whole Simmons to Edge thing baffles me. One of the reason's he's sucked at LB is because he can't get off blocks and he can't process quick enough. So let's move him nearer the ball where he has less processing time and always has to get off blocks. Makes sense... The fact this new...
  4. BritCard

    2021 1st round pick is Zaven Collins

    Zaven doing about 1.5 for every 1 of Dimukeje
  5. BritCard

    Week 21 Arizona Cardinals off season thread. 05/29/23-06/04/23

    This might be the best of these videos the Cards have put out
  6. BritCard

    2023 3rd round pick #94 is Michael Wilson WR

    Full video containing the above. Must watch.
  7. BritCard

    2021 1st round pick is Zaven Collins

    Always should have been an OLB as I said back at the start of this thread. Collins is 6'5". 260lbs. 34" arms. Runs 4.66. That's OLB traits. I don't think he will be there all the time. People had Simmons playing the Reddick role which was a mixture of positions. I think that will be Collins...
  8. BritCard

    Cardinals announce they have released Hopkins

    I do not get this at all. His contract is WR23 money. The whole "His contract is too much" thing is complete BS. I do not understand getting nothing for him. Bogus AF.
  9. BritCard

    Fair catch at the 10! And it will be placed at the 25 yard line. New rule.

    Yeah this sucks. They must have gone heavy on the hookers and blow at the owners meeting this time. I don't like it, however there is some room for innovation here. You can't fair catch a ball the has already touched the ground. It opens up more pooch kicks. Also there has been little skill...
  10. BritCard

    Least Interesting Team Ever?

    If were talking about "interesting" in terms of how much media play the team gets there has been far more talk about Hopkins, Budda and Kyler than anyone was talking about that 2018 team.
  11. BritCard

    Should Gannon be one and done…

    Wilks was fired because he sucked. Not the results, he just sucked as a coach. Dude was a walking cliche. It felt like he read "How to be a head coach for dummies".
  12. BritCard

    Least Interesting Team Ever?

    Did you just put Josh Rosen on a star power list? :oops: DJ was a 1.5 season wonder. I think Conner with his 6 seasons in the league and whole cancer story has as much "star power". Kyler buries Rosen. Hopkins has as much star power nationally than Fitz, maybe even more. Maybe that team had...
  13. BritCard

    Least Interesting Team Ever?

    It's not even the least interesting team of the past 5 years. People have short memories.
  14. BritCard

    2023 5th round pick #139 is Clayton Tune QB

    It's not unprecedented for a rookie QB to start over a vet backup. The Pats did it last year with Bailey Zappe over Hoyer. I'm sure there are plenty more.
  15. BritCard

    Week 17-Arizona Cardinals off season thread. 05/1/23-05/7/23

    No mate. I said last year's roster was largely the same as 2021 when we went 11-6. Nobody expected Kyler to suck so much or so many injuries.
  16. BritCard

    Budda requests trade

    He signed a contract to be the highest paid safety in the league, at a time when nobody considered him the best safety in the league. When he put pen to paper he knew that he would not stay the highest paid for 4 years, he knew his guarantees would run out after 2 years, he knew he had never had...
  17. BritCard

    Budda requests trade

    I think if I'd been made the highest paid safety in the league at the time and happily signed a contract that said this is what I will get paid for 4 years and this is how the guarantees are structured I wouldn't be moaning about it on socials 2 years later. Frankly, I thought Budda was better...
  18. BritCard

    Budda requests trade

    It's his methods I don't like. Cryptic social media posts that get people wondering what you mean are for 17 year old girls and drama queens. If you want to beef about your contract then straight up say it. He's the 7th highest paid safety and he's about the 7th best safety talent wise give...
  19. BritCard

    Budda requests trade

    Exactly. He was overpaid as the best safety, he had no problem with that. The next 2 years are the counterbalance to that for the team. Not even that, he's paid perfectly fairly. Budda starting to sound like that needy friend of your wife that's always posting needy messages on Facebook...
  20. BritCard

    Wk 18 Arizona Cardinals off season thread. 05/8/23-5/14/23

    I think Ojulari is going to be Edge #1. Not this year but in the future. He's still a baby. He's only just turned 21. Once his body matures and he adds 10lbs of NFL weight he's going to be a force.

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