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  1. don7031

    Cardinals sign OT Jackson Barton

    I'm not sure the Cardinals have Beachum inked in as the starting right tackle. At 34 he signed for backup journeyman numbers with incentives.
  2. don7031

    Cardinals sign OT Jackson Barton

    Humphries, Jones, Froholdt, Hernandez, Beachum with untested depth is the current state of the o-line.
  3. don7031

    Bears Trade #1 Pick to Panthers

    Would Gannon prefer a larger defensive end for his 4-3 defense? That would mean Tyree Wilson or Myles Murphy rather than Will Anderson.
  4. don7031

    Cards Trade Down Scenario

    Unfortunately the rest of the NFL is joining Harry on the Anthony Richardson bandwagon. That brings another quarterback into the mix which lowers what the Cardinals can demand. But I still believe a future 1st should be in play as well as a 2nd in the current draft.
  5. don7031

    A New Thought - Trading 2nd Rd Pick?

    If a team is moving up for a quarterback, their 2024 1st is probably going to be a top ten pick.
  6. don7031

    POLL: Sean Payton in 2023 (Officially Going to Denver)

    ^ We can just skip reasons and agree that "Mike Sucks".
  7. don7031

    Snakester…Harry… HELP!

    I'm having a hard time envisioning the Cardinals signing Payton and giving him full control. You have to assume that Keim and Kingsbury had partially guaranteed contracts so they are on the books for four more years. That is a lot of money coming out of Mike's pocket. And on the control side...
  8. don7031

    If We Trade #3 - What would you take?

    The best thing that can happen for the Cardinals would be for quarterbacks to be taken first and second with Levis being one of them. That adds a future first to what Cardinals can demand for the third pick. I've flip flopped on my position. I'm now in favor of trading down multiple times...
  9. don7031

    2023 NFL Coaching News League Wide

    They had already fired the GM, so they couldn't fire him again.
  10. don7031

    2023 NFL Coaching News League Wide

    The offensive coordinator became the scapegoat for Tennessee's collapse.
  11. don7031

    Cards’ Draft Position

    The Cardinals could trade down a couple times to stock pile picks to fill a bunch of needs. But as we all know, they wouldn't be in this position if they could draft well.
  12. don7031

    Cards’ Draft Position

    Silver lining time: with the fourth pick in the draft the Cardinals could be in position to get the best non-quarterback in the draft.
  13. don7031

    POLL: Sean Payton in 2023 (Officially Going to Denver)

    Denver and the Saints have already agreed on a compensation package that includes a first round pick. I'd say that the January 17th meeting is perfunctory except Payton might consider being stuck with Russell Wilson to be a deal breaker.
  14. don7031

    Cards’ Draft Position

    The Colts, Panthers and Raiders are all teams drafting behind the Cardinals that could be willing to pay a premium for Will Levis. Moving back a handful of spots to pick up an additional high second round pick works.
  15. don7031

    Cards’ Draft Position

    If the Bears back into the 1st overall selection they'll garner a king's ransom for Bryce Young. The Texans would then take Stroud. That leaves Will Levis as trade bait for the Seahawks and Cardinals.
  16. don7031

    The Rebuild Theory

    The Cardinals don't have a designated quarterback coach. They had long time NFL assistant Tom Clements for Kyler's first couple seasons.
  17. don7031

    The Rebuild Theory

    Trading down gets you the most bang for your buck, however it is hard sell to the fan base who only acknowledge the players you could have taken. The Cardinals will take an edge rusher and hope he pans out.
  18. don7031

    Colt McCoy ruled out

    Blough started the last five games for the 2019 Detroit team that ended the season with an eight game losing streak. Different team, same deal.
  19. don7031

    Curious About Brown

    If they can't work out a deal based on his NFL productivity, then exercise the fifth year option. So much depends on the coaching situation going forward.
  20. don7031

    Wk 17-Arizona Cardinals @ Atlanta Falcons pregame thread. 12/26/22-12/31/22

    Just saw a qb ranking where McSorley was listed at 31st and Riddler dead last at 32nd.
  21. don7031

    OT: Baker Mayfield

    In his brief tenure with the Rams, Mayfield has shown that he is a competent quarterback if the coaching staff will get out of the way. He is not going to get paid, but he should land where he can compete for the starting job on an incentive laden contract.
  22. don7031

    Ineresting Thought from the Washington Post

    When do NFL GM's say not interested in these slightly built dual threat quarterbacks that are standing on the sidelines wearing street clothes in December after a few years of NFL wear and tear? I expect to see kids use all five years of college eligibility soon. With the NIL money coming...
  23. don7031

    Cards’ Draft Position

    Lose out and the Cardinals should get the fourth overall choice. That gets them one of the edge rushers.
  24. don7031

    Obvious Move

    The Bears are unlikely to move on from Fields. They'll be the ones getting a king's ransom for Stroud/Young.
  25. don7031

    Moving on from Kyler.

    Stuck with him at least two more years due to the contract extension.

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