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  1. Timm Rosenbach

    Cardinals announce they have released Hopkins

    Is Keim responsible for not resigning Zach Allen OR Byron Murphy? Not signing either was absurd. And that is on Monti/Bidwill. Murphy, in particular, was affordable. Instead, Monti left a glaring hole at cornerback
  2. Timm Rosenbach

    How do we want this up coming season to play out?

    Throw in Bidwill being forced to sell the franchise and this would be a dream season
  3. Timm Rosenbach

    Notice those empty seats Bidwill?

    It’s going to be interesting to see how long it takes for the stands to be nearly empty on gamedays without popular opponents. I think we are going to see the stadium appear Sun Devil Stadium-era level emptiness as the season progresses. And deservedly so
  4. Timm Rosenbach

    Former Packers VP blasts NFL salary-cap myths

    This mock draft has the Cardinals taking a corner with the number one overall pick in the upcoming draft. I pretty much disregard it after seeing that
  5. Timm Rosenbach

    Kevin Kolb Released

    Beanie Wells had injury concerns coming out of college and then got injured immediately after signing his rookie contract and showing up for training camp. Then, he was constantly injured with the Cardinals before injuring himself while trying out for the Ravens. Beanie Wells was one of the most...
  6. Timm Rosenbach

    Remember the Strike Replacement Teams

    100%. Joe Thomas was at a far different level than Paris Johnson is.
  7. Timm Rosenbach

    2023 1st round pick is #6 Paris Johnson

    I love valley product Taylor Lewan. He always talks about how proud he is to be from Arizona. I enjoy his podcast as well
  8. Timm Rosenbach

    Playoffs: Nuggets @ Suns Sunday game thread 5-7-2023 - Game 4

    I don’t recall a player ever being more on fire than Booker is right now
  9. Timm Rosenbach

    The Worth of Kyler Murray

    Thank you Harry for putting this in perspective. I agree with you 100% on Kyler’s value
  10. Timm Rosenbach

    Draft Grades

    If you take out the value obtained for next year’s picks, then I consider a D an accurate grade. Everything after round 1 was a reach in my opinion
  11. Timm Rosenbach

    Draft Grades

    At least they ranked the teams as opposed to Mel Kiper who literally gave almost every team in the league a B+ or B grade.
  12. Timm Rosenbach


    My sentiments exactly. I’m not getting what Ossenfort and Gannon are thinking with this. As you clearly outlined, center is one of the few positions that can doom a play from inception
  13. Timm Rosenbach


    This is the way that some posters on the board are acting and expressing. It’s as if this front office can do no wrong.
  14. Timm Rosenbach

    Depth Chart

  15. Timm Rosenbach

    Depth Chart

    Hjalte Froholdt penciled in as starting center. What was Monti thinking?
  16. Timm Rosenbach

    Where Do I Differ?

    Glaring holes left wide open. I don’t get it either
  17. Timm Rosenbach

    I’m Out Thanks for the Banter

    Great job Harry. Thank you for all your work. I, too, am very confused about the decisions made on days 2 and 3. I guess I am not in tune with what they are doing either
  18. Timm Rosenbach

    2023 5th round pick #139 is Clayton Tune QB

    Days 2 and 3 are turning into a grade D. This is ridiculous
  19. Timm Rosenbach

    (Poll) Rate Day 2 of the Cardinals’ Draft

    Agreed. I am quite disappointed and a bit surprised at all three picks today
  20. Timm Rosenbach

    (Poll) Rate Day 2 of the Cardinals’ Draft

    How would you rate the Cardinals’ selections in Rounds 2 and 3?
  21. Timm Rosenbach

    2023 Draft Day 2 thread rds 2 and 3

    I would give day 2 of the draft a grade D. Not impressed or happy today.
  22. Timm Rosenbach

    Should we take a QB with a 3rd round pick?

    Absolutely not. Too many needs and need to build for the future. If Kyler plays poorly next year and a once a decade QB like Caleb Williams is on the board next year, the Cards can address the position then.
  23. Timm Rosenbach

    What I’d Love to See Today

    I would be thrilled with Benton. We need a run stuffer
  24. Timm Rosenbach

    Where is the Cards’ Draft Headed

    Especially if it is the number one pick and Caleb Williams continues to play like he has
  25. Timm Rosenbach

    Which 3 Teams Came away the Best in R1

    Texans gave up what effectively be a top 5 pick in next year’s draft which could have potentially been used on Caleb Williams or Drake Maye. I hand this draft‘s best grade to the Eagles. A plus

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