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  1. RedForeman

    Cardinal's Home team in Super Bowl

    I wasn't sure how this was determined by the league prior to looking it up but I was hoping that they would be in their home reds (can't imagine they would wear whites) IMO they look better in the red uni's and they definately have played better in them. Aside from the two big outliers - the...
  2. RedForeman

    Cardinal's Home team in Super Bowl

    Not sure if this has been posted yet but since they are the home team I'm sure they will be wearing their red home uni's... good omen IMO. "The Cardinals will be the designated "home team", as is the case for all NFC champions in odd numbered Super Bowls."
  3. RedForeman

    How Long have you been a Fan of the Cardinals?

    Since they were the Phoenix Cardinals in 1988. Lomax, Green, JT Smith, Wolfley and the like. Remember the old Joey Buttafuoco style red and white, tiger-stripe pants/hats? Those were classic and if I still had mine, I'd wear them on Sunday.
  4. RedForeman

    Why do we assume Denny knows talent?

    Because Denny re-focused this organization on the best player available approach. As a result, they have stopped reaching so much, especially in the first 3 rounds.
  5. RedForeman

    New Coach? Tell me how things would be different.

    Arizona's Finest... You are dead-on correct on all accounts. Our beloved Cardinal's are the worst coached team in the NFL this year. Denny is too tired and lazy at this point in his career to put in the work required be a head coach in the NFL. He works part time... in the off-season as a...
  6. RedForeman

    Its Surreal being a Cards Fan today

    conrad, Thanks for brightening an otherwise, dismal day. That was just plain funny!
  7. RedForeman

    Rowen Out As OC/ Replaced by Mike Kruczek

    I thought you were referring to Denny...
  8. RedForeman

    The hurt won't go away!!!

    You're right... that does sound gay.
  9. RedForeman

    The Cardinals have sunk to a new low when they make it on Regis & Kelly

    Don't know which is the saddest part of this thread, this loss or admitting that you're sitting at home watching Regis and Kelly.:) Sorry Zona90... I couldn't resist.
  10. RedForeman

    Roof Status Unclear for Monday Night

    Ding....Ding...Ding... We have a winner!
  11. RedForeman

    Cards new Head Coach: Bears D-Coordinator (Ron Rivera)

    Come on BACH... What has Clancy ever really done? He's the best coach in an organization full of mediocre to bad ones. He had a good Defense 2 years ago and he's just been okay otherwise. This is the 1st year he's been able to stop the run and his defense's have always given up the big play...
  12. RedForeman

    Bob Kemp says Cards season ticket holders are suckers

    Someone actually listens to him in his new and improved time-slot?
  13. RedForeman

    Cards new Head Coach: Bears D-Coordinator (Ron Rivera)

    Looks like one tuff SOB
  14. RedForeman

    Cards new Head Coach: Bears D-Coordinator (Ron Rivera)

    Teamed up with a good offence coordinator and you just might have something there. Also, the fact that he's from the Bear's organization, which always seems to be attractive to the Bidwill's. Ron Rivera Ron Rivera (born January 7, 1962 in Fort Ord, California) is the first Puerto Rican...
  15. RedForeman

    Didn't see this posted

    Ridiculous... The defense had absolutely nothing to do with them losing this game. Sure Ware got schooled, but come on... The Defense gave up 16 points and the Offense turned the ball over 4 times (3 inside the 10 yard line). Sadly, Denny is looking and sounding more and more like Buddy...
  16. RedForeman

    Karlos Dansby Update?

    I assume that would be a "No" Anybody?
  17. RedForeman

    Running game...

    I agree on Boldin's effort on the come back block but damn... Q looked like he ran in to a brick wall on that play. I don't know who the Bear's player was that he tried to block, but the guy must be a monster to be able to take a hit like that from a guy as strong and physical as Q. If...
  18. RedForeman

    MJ - 8/25/2006 - AM - Cards Notes

    Shame about Elton Brown. That news is definitely a surprise to me and I think most of us expected him to turn the corner this year. I guess this explains why we haven't heard much about him during camp/preseason. Would this be Denny's 1st admitted draft bust?
  19. RedForeman

    deangelo williams

    Yeah, he sure looks good. I loved him in the draft and believe he'll be the next Curtis Martin. Some teams just always have a great running game.
  20. RedForeman

    Karlos Dansby Update... Holy Hell

    Nope... I'm right there with you shmo. Sure Karlos has some injuries, but I am offically convinced that this guy has more problems with his head than he does with his thumb or his groin or his toe...
  21. RedForeman

    Cards Trade for T Gorin from Pats

    Not to mention some Super Bowl rings.
  22. RedForeman

    Cards Trade for T Gorin from Pats

    Waiting to see what they gave up before passing judgement. At least they are doing something.
  23. RedForeman

    Cardinals | Berry injury update

    There is a God
  24. RedForeman

    Cards Trade for T Gorin from Pats

    Pretty sad those guys are beating us to the punch over there at the Cardinal's site.

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