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    Agree, also same standards for free agents, or perception of lack of a center. I am willing to give the new regime a chance. It is possible they have a plan, and more insight and knowledge about players than us wannabe GM's
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    Budda requests trade

    What there're worth?
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    Budda requests trade

    Apparently some of know every discussion that Monti and Gannon ever had or are having, or will ever have:)
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    Ex-Cardinals VP Terry McDonough accuses Bidwill of cheating

    Then you become the same type of Human being you're accusing Him of being. He may be guilty, but apparently both accusers also had some serious personal issues. Why not wait for everything to play out before rushing to judgement.
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    Will Anderson Jr is that rare prospect who checks all the boxes.

    Maybe hoping CB you draft doesn't get a back injury?
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    Cardinals sign DL Carlos Watkins on a one-year contract

    What does Dan Quinn know? We Cards fans are smarter than any coach or GM!!;)
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    Will Anderson Jr is that rare prospect who checks all the boxes.

    That's his point, if we draft him, he will probably get injured, if we don't he will make the Hall of Fame
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    POLL: Sean Payton in 2023 (Officially Going to Denver)

    Even as a waterboy Payton could create major discord, and the Saints would have to pay him
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    POLL: Sean Payton in 2023 (Officially Going to Denver)

    Honest question, could Payton tell the Saints he will be their HC for 2 yrs, but drop a hint that if they take him back he could sabotage the team, forcing them to fire him?
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    Stupid (maybe not so stupid) idea

    SP should tell the Saints he wants to return as their HC, but let Mickey know that maybe he wouldn't care if they go 0 and 17. And then proceed to do everything possible to force Mickey to fire him.
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    Quick Thought about Murray

    I have been a huge Kyler supporter, believing he should get a new contract. I was also sure he would show up for OTA's. I believe a true professional would be incredible eager to get the stench from that last game behind them, and as quickly as possible look for ways to improve. It wasn't all...
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    Cardinals trade pick #23 for Hollywood Brown

    Football, people football!!
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    Kingsbury and Keim get contract extensions

    wasting our time
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    Kingsbury and Keim get contract extensions

    I agree with QuebecCard, 20/20 hind sight is easy, so why not spend time and energy discussing how to improve the future? If some of us are as smart as we think we are we wouldn't be wasting our posting here:)

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