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    2023 5th round pick #139 is Clayton Tune QB

    I've watched a lot of Tune and I feel he would compliment Kyler. He has a good head on his shoulders, he's a gamer, but he does have a little Baker Mayfield in him too and takes chances. His arm isn't as strong as Kyler's but Tune should be able to run the same offense. All that being said...
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    POLL: Trade back or pick Will Anderson

    A lot of the scenario's and depends on what Carolina and Houston do. All indications are pointing to Carolina taking Young. Houston on the other hand is a wild card. If Houston takes a QB, there are only so many options and Indy would feel more pressure to move up and trump the Raiders. If...
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    The Many Ways This Draft Could Go Wrong for the Cardinals

    I’ll name a few ways: • Cards trade with Indy and we select Carter at #4 who then gets convicted of some associated crime and spends time in jail or at a minimum suspended for a year • We stay put and Anderson says no thank you so we pick whomever that doesn’t work out. • Raiders trade with...
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    (Poll) Grade for the new uniforms

    Looking at the bell curve and 80% C or better.
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    OT: 4 Lions players and one Commanders player suspended for gambling related offenses

    And they having betting sites plastered all over the NFL. What did the NFL expect would happen? You can’t dangle the carrot in front of the players and not expect them to chase it. I’m sure it is more wide spread than the NFL is leading everyone to believe.
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    (Poll) Grade for the new uniforms

    Debated between an A and B but selected A. I like the cleanness of the uniforms. The ARIZONA is a little too big but like them. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what the uniform looks like. I watch the game for performance on the field.
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    Ex-Cardinals VP Terry McDonough accuses Bidwill of cheating

    I would love for Arians, A-Wilson, Warner, Carson or someone else to step up and provide context. Right now, it just looks like a very ugly divorce with both parties throwing mud at one another. Shameless if you ask me.
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    Today’s Rumor (04/17/23) : Pick #3

    Harry, please clarify. I read that Indy would give up the #4 pick and #35 this year plus their 2024 #1 and 2025 #1. That seems like a lot.
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    Week 14 Arizona Cardinals off season thread. 4/10/23-4/16/23

    Wasn’t that Anderson (#31) that Tank was able to maneuver around the corner? Granted Tank had a yard or two to the corner but Tank also had to make up a couple yards in depth to the line of scrimmage. I’m starting to believe we need to trade down and get more picks.
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    Ex-Cardinals VP Terry McDonough accuses Bidwill of cheating

    As all of this is gaining more steam. It made me recall a conversation with Michael during one of our tailgates. He came by and noticed my brother wearing a Cardinal jersey that was not league approved and Michael called my brother out on it. Like the $30-$40 the Cardinals make on their $100...
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    New Uniforms for the Cardinals

    Now I can go for those! Finally making the team an Arizona team.
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    End of an Era - MadJack is out.

    So they aren’t going to eff us as much this year?
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    The Positive Kyler Murray News Thread

    I don't care how you slice it... seeing him squat 225 plus his own weight is a good sign. An elite athlete at 13 weeks post surgery appears to be right on course if not a little ahead of his goal. I'd like to hear from medical provider with rehab experience to truly know where he's at though...
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    Today’ Rumor: Pick 3

    Guess it basically means to do a great job of scouting players. That’s what’s scouts and management get paid to do.
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    Ex-Cardinals VP Terry McDonough accuses Bidwill of cheating

    Who has the soap opera rights to this mess? It would be great entertainment. I still want to know if it was Keim or Kugler was the culprit in Mexico. Bidwill is an attorney, he has to know that the PR firm was going to open the doors to additional scrutiny. If he didn't personally review...
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    Would you make this trade.

    Agree! Leverage is a good thing. Let’s use it to our advantage.
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    End of an Era - MadJack is out.

    Sorry to see you go MJ! I also contemplated giving it up. But,I enjoy tailgating with my son too much. Besides, my seats are great seats so maybe I become a broker. I have only listed one time that I recall and that was this past Christmas. It was pretty easy and everyone else is doing it...
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    Indy Rumor from a Good Source - Cards not active in Free Agency due to trading down

    I’m soooo sorry for opening the wounds again! My point was Legend Larry DID help get us there and I will always remember when he looked up at the jumbo tron.
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    Indy Rumor from a Good Source - Cards not active in Free Agency due to trading down

    Forgot about the other play. The interception for a TD. If it weren’t for Rolle walking into the field, Fitz would have caught him.
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    Indy Rumor from a Good Source - Cards not active in Free Agency due to trading down

    I agree! If it weren’t for three plays on the final drive, we’d have our Super Bowl. Play 1) can’t remember the DT but he had Rothensburger sacked at the 2 yard line but let him get away 2) Fransisco on the field taking a nap… he fell down and the WR gained like 35 yards 3) everyone knows the...
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    Free Agency

    If $4 is not enough Is $6M? What’s the number then?
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    Ian Rapoport Dhop trade likely happening in the next ten days

    Cooper isn’t the same as DHop IMO
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    Are Cards tanking?

    Should only take two years. This year to get rid of the guys they didn’t want or couldn’t afford and next year to get rid of the fat. After that, it’s on the current regime.

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