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    2023 5th round pick #139 is Clayton Tune QB

    Didn’t Tank Dell get drafted by the Texans this year?
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    2023 Draft Day 3 thread rds 4-7

    I’d be good with Jerrod Clark, Wypler, or AT Perry
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    2023 Draft Day 3 thread rds 4-7

    The rest of the NFL doesn’t either apparently
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    Day three - best available

    Should Cards look to take a flyer on a Punter in this draft?
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    2023 5th round pick #139 is Clayton Tune QB

    If there was a year for a 5th rd QB to claim he’s the best QB in a draft class, this might be it. I was not overly enamored with any of the top QBs.
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    2023 5th round pick #139 is Clayton Tune QB

    I actually kinda like the potential. Cards needed a better backup QB. For those preferring DTR, I think there’s been rumors of him being a bit of a head case and bad teammate. That would scare me off. Is that prevailing thought that the 4th rd pick from UCLA will play Center?
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    2023 Draft Day 3 thread rds 4-7

    Don’t understand this one. Would’ve preferred Wypler or Abanikanda.
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    2023 Draft Day 3 thread rds 4-7

    Yes, but I like him
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    2023 Draft Day 3 thread rds 4-7

    I’ve seen several posts stating that the Cards have been connected to or really like Wyler. Other than Paris Johnson shouting him out, where is the connection other than our need for a center? If the team was truly enamored with him, they should have snagged him with the second Round 3 pick...
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    2023 2nd round #41 pick is BJ Ojulari LB

    Will he be used like Reddick in PHI?
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    2023 2nd round pick #33 and #81 are traded to the Titans for 41, 72, 2024 3rd

    Don’t mind the move, but think we should’ve gotten a little bit more.
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    Who in 2

    I like the idea of a C/IOL at 33 unless Cards get a tradeback haul from a team looking to snag Levi. Cards are a couple years away from competing; may as well stock up in the trenches where guys typically have longer careers. Use next year’s draft capital to snag the explosive players.
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    Bidwill says Saints demands led them away from Payton

    He just added Vance Joseph as his DC
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    News and rumors of potential coaching staff additions.

    It sounds like NFL people thought these guys were on the shortlist for many other teams. i don‘t think these hires have much to do with money or getting spurned by better targets (With the possible exception of Sean Payton). Time will tell if they pan out, but that would be the same for anyone...
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    Cards hire Drew Petzing as their OC

    Don’t know much about either the new OC/DC, but I’m encouraged by the fact that both of these names came up almost immediately after Gannon was hired. It appears that Gannon did his homework, knew who he wanted, and got them. Time will,tell how successful any of them will be, but the early...
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    Cardinals Head Coaching Candidates 2023

    Just read that. Had read that Minnesota had not hired a DC while waiting to find Evero’s status. Nice hire by Reich and Carolina.
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    Cardinals Head Coaching Candidates 2023

    Minnesota is the favorite to land him because of connections to their head coach. Too bad. He could be a great addition as DC.
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    Cards’ Draft Position

    With the Cards’ luck, those guys go #1 and #2 and we’re left holding our junk.
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    I was wrong…what about you.

    I was wrong about how Kyler and KK would function together. I didn’t expect KK to be a great coach, but thought he would be innovative and in sync with Murray. I was wrong about thinking Murray was ready to ascend to the upper echelon of QBs. Totally got fooled by the start of last season. I...
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    No time management issues or false starts

    It’s ironic that Murray was highlighted for yelling, “Calm the **** down!” to Kingsbury. Colt seemed much more under control yesterday and the offense functioned relatively smoothly with him under center. Kyler should take some of his own advice. Too often, he seems jittery and panicked and...
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    Seahawks at Cardinals gameday thread 11-6-22

    Is Kugler the problem? The OL has dealt with injuries, but they never seem prepared.
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    What is 1 single play on O or D today, that Exemplifies the Cards

    Back to back holding calls on the same player on the first two plays of the second half when the Cards could have taken the momentum in the with a score.
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    Kyler Murray does not care about Kingsbury's job

    Any chance that players only meeting with Kyler taking the lead (at D Hops urging) was D Hops’ way of telling Kyler to get his head out of His arse and lead the team? I’m not sure going off on the coach was what D Hop had in mind, but maybe Kyler starts to step it up a little.
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    Cardinals at Seahawks gameday thread 10-16-22

    I’d be happy to NEVER see the WR screen pass again!
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    Cardinals at Seahawks gameday thread 10-16-22

    O-line is pathetic. Play calling is atrocious. I’ve given KK benefit of the doubt for too long. He is just not head coach material.

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